Another special day is here again…

Awe ma se kind!

Today is Rugby Man’s birthday… Veels geluk aan my ma se mooiste kind 😉

I hope you have an awesome day ahead and a year filled with much love and blessings.

Thanks for the chats, the music, the braais at the pub and

especially thanks for being an awesome big brother!

You truly do rock on your Ninja 😉

Rugby Man

Happy Birthday Rugby Man! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Another special day is here again…

    • Yeah another one… although I am not sure if we are partying it up or not this weekend… there have been no plans made as yet.

      Btw, after this one, there is only one more important birthday for this year in about a month’s time and I know the person is still debating if they should have a party or not…

      • Hehehe of course the best was saved for last! The other birthday’s were just preparing for that special person!

        Methinks a party is in order, if I’m not mistaken it’s a big one, and it certainly needs celebrating!

      • Yeah… it is the big three oh…. (see how dramatic I am?) so maybe I’d better celebrate… Maybe just a bring and braai? I’ll see how I feel close to the time.

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