December holidays and other thoughts


Yesterday at work we were asked when we were taking leave in December…. yes, can you believe that it is that time of year again? I have given my manager preliminary dates for now, because I am not sure how early I want to go on leave this year. Working at the magazine, I really can’t take much leave during the year, except if it is for an emergency, so the December holidays are always welcome! Luckily, our offices close from midday on 24 December and only open on 2 January, which means we get those days off for free, which is definitely a perk.

Our December issue goes to print during my birthday week and after that it should be plain sailing at the office. During the quiet time, I get all my admin in order for the next year. I send out contracts to the advertisers and start working on the January/February issue. We also have our year end functions at the end of November, which is also nice.

Another thing I have to get started on is getting my supporting documents together for my appraisal. We work on a system of scoring ourselves and then we meet with the managers and go through the appraisal together. So, I guess I had better get started on that as well.

Btw, has anyone else noticed all the Christmas decorations displayed in the shops already? *rolls eyes* Personally, I feel they always start too early with all that and was wondering what other people’s thoughts on the matter was.

Anyways, have a nice day further. 🙂


9 thoughts on “December holidays and other thoughts

  1. You are lucky you get those days ‘free’. We close from 13/12/2013 to 06/01/2014; and we’re forced to take those days as our annual leave, which sucks up 11 of our 15 days.

    I actually haven’t seen any Christmas decorations – not to say they aren’t in full force – I just don’t notice things like that!

    • My mom’s office does the same, except they close from around the 20th onwards and I agree, it does suck for you guys.

      I am very observant and it frustrates me sometimes, because I would like to not notice things like that.

      • It’s gives me a mere four days to use the rest of the year – not exactly a holiday. Pardon the pun. Still, I’m really really looking forward to three whole weeks away from work!

        Hahaha! Shame Kat. It’s probably because I don’t celebrate Christmas, and you do!

      • I know what you mean… I am looking forward to the holidays now too… I just have to get through the next two months! 😉

        Maybe that’s the reason, yes… oh well, I look forward to all the specials and promos the shops will run. Not that I can be a big spender this year.

  2. I think Commerce is the most devout celebrator of Christmas there is!
    Oh, those ridiculous appraisals. You rate yourself too low, and get taken at face value. Accurately, and they try to beat you down from your assessment. Far too optimistically, and you may then well be believed! It is crazy.

    • I always rate myself high and have to write motivations why I am rating myself high, but I agree with you it is a crazy system and that happens twice a year here by us. The e-mail came through and I am being appraised on Wednesday, 16 October.

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  4. The people are so pissed off about the December holidays by us. We used to close shop on the 24th and last week we were sent an email to say that we need to “align our working times to out clients” and for cost cutting purposes, our holiday now starts on the 14th. You never thought that a person would complain about this but no one budgeted for this earlier in the year so many people are going to be sitting in negative leave and they’re gonna have to play catch up next year.
    I’ve the decorations. I was just saying to my bro that they should at least wait until we pass Halloween before they star with Christmas stuff

    • I agree, start the Christmas deco from 15 November onwards…

      As for your work, I’m sorry to hear that… I can understand how everyone is so upset. I would be too. 😦

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