I sometimes hate being a grownup!

Okay, maybe “hate” is a bit of a “strong” word, but life decisions sometimes get me down. You know the decisions I mean… buying a new car, moving to a new house, getting insurance, choosing which school to send my kid to, etc.

Price increase

Well, yesterday, I logged into my medical aid account and they have put up a notice that there will be an increase for 2014. Well, after seeing what I saw, I have to start getting quotes for medical aids… why? Because Discovery have decided to increase their monthly rate by an extra R 162. Now, that does not sound like a lot, but it is, especially in this day and age, where everything seems to be increasing except my salary.

I am ranting again, seems like my blog has become a place of ranting recently, but see, I pay for my Mom’s medical aid as well, and the price increase will mean that I have to cough up an extra R 325 for both our medical aids. I would add my Mother as an adult dependent, however, Discovery had a “long” story with regard to that.

Anyways, I am now in the market for a new medical aid… one that covers the following:

  • my mom as my adult dependent;
  • it must cover her chronic medication;
  • it must cover GP visits, if and when we need the GP; and
  • it must cover 100% hospital costs.

So, for the next few days, I will be visiting various medical aid websites to compare benefits and I will be calling said medical aids for quotes to see which option will be the best for us. All I still have to do is make a list of who to visit and who to call. Wish me luck!

PS Please feel free to make any suggestions or recommendations.
Your comments will be highly appreciated!


12 thoughts on “I sometimes hate being a grownup!

  1. Good luck with that! I did a similar search a few years ago and I found the best medical aid [in terms of benefits vs premiums] was Bonitas, followed by Fedhealth. Discovery didn’t even make the top 5. Unfortunately I still couldn’t afford it and I and the kids sit without any medical aid whatsoever.

    PS: On the hospital side, aim for a medical aid that pays 150% or 200% of hospital because most specialists, surgeons etc don’t charge the 100% rate and you don’t want to get caught out with heavy additional payments.

    • Thanks Harmz… I’ll definitely look around and thank you for the tip on hospital benefits. I’ll look into that.

      I was wondering, if I should not take a hospital plan, so everything is covered if we end up there, and open an account and save up for all the GP visits and medication,? It is an idea I have been playing with.

      • To follow on with this thread – I ‘downgraded’ last year – I changed my Medical Aid option from Comprehensive to Hospital Plan – took out Gap Cover to cover the specialists and the difference in what I would be paying in premiums and what I was – I invested on a monthly basis – this gave me a potential ‘savings’ of R12 000 for the year vs the measly R2500 my medical aid was offering.
        My hospital plan also coveres Chronic on 27 prescribed illnesses amongst other benefits ..
        Of course, Murphey’s Law – from never ever using the Medical Aid, this year saw my son being rushed to hospital on 3 seperate occasions and he now has to take medication daily .. so the ‘savings’ certainly has had a work out. The upside – his stay in hosptial covered 100% – the specialist – covered 100% – the co-payment the medical aid didn’t cover – that was covered by the gap cover.
        For me – a win win situation – most GP’s will give you a cash discount and you can then also claim these expenses on your tax return – something that appeals to my black hearted bean counting ways πŸ˜‰
        Not saying you should go this route, but it has certainly worked for me ..
        From a Medical Aid point of view – Ed has to be on one as a part of his divorce agreement – and Fedhealth seemed to be the most reasonable one when it came to benefits etc…
        However – I am there with Harmony – personally I wouldn’t go for Discovery – they tend to be very expensive.
        Gimme a shout if you want more info on the route I took πŸ™‚
        Have an awesome day

      • Hey there, so nice to see you again! πŸ™‚

        Thanks for the comment, and yes, I’d like to know more please, especially with which company your hospital plan is with, because I have been debating about taking a hopsital plan out for me, but keeping medical aid for my Mom, however, if it covers her chronic, then why not?

        You are welcome to e-mail me at

        Thanks so much and have an awesome day too.

      • πŸ™‚ ..
        my habit is to lurk πŸ™‚ .. especially when I should be tackling feisty recons
        Have sent you a mail – hope it helps

  2. It’s awful how the price of everything is always going up. Our medical has become really mean lately, and doesn’t pay for many of the things it always used to. I hope you find a new one that suits your needs and your pocket.

    • Thanks AD, I am sure I will find something. It amazes me how medical aids have so many terms and conditions when it comes to benefits, so much so that they do become mean. It is sad really.

  3. Discovery is one of the most expensive medical aids but that’s because you’re paying for the 10 other “discounts/benefits” that they offer on Vitality, Discovery Card, etc. If you use those then it isn’t that bad because ten your money is actually going towards something that you’ll use. Hope that the search for a new, decently priced medical aid is going well

    • That’s the thing Asian… I am only paying for the medical aid, there are no added benefits because those other ten benefits cost extra and I cannot afford that. Thanks I am sure I’ll be able to find something and if I don’t, I’ll just have to cut from Peter to pay Paul. πŸ˜‰

    • I am sure it is expensive. At the moment, I have narrowed down a few from their respective websites. But, I must still phone for proper quotes, etc.

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