Spring cleaning and charitable things…

You know that saying that says if you haven’t used or worn it in the past year get rid of it? Well, we (my Mom and I)  have been getting rid of many things in our house. We have been living in our place for almost ten years and it is amazing what a person hordes up over the years.

Let’s start with clothes… because we do not have enough cupboard space, I have to put my clothes in those plastic drums and store them in the garage. When I did the whole swop from Winter to Summer clothes, I decided to put all the things I don’t wear down on one side for charity. I also decided to get rid of the Winter things that I did not wear this year. I had over 12 pairs of jeans in my cupboard. Yes, 12 pairs. Of those twelve pairs I wear three. I decided that it was time to get rid of all 12 pairs. My mom did the same  with her clothes and would you believe it if I said, that between the two of us, there were six black bags filled with clothes?

We decided that we would give the clothes to charity, because some of the stuff were brand new and the other things were in very good condition. Three bags went to my mom’s friend who gave it to a place for pregnant and very poor single mums and the other three bags were giving to an organisation who look after people who don’t have an income. There were three paper boxes of shoes.  I gave  tekkies and slippers, which I have never worn, to our helper for her kids. She also walked away with a bag of things for her children.

This exercise inspired Mrs Biker Man who packed out the girl’s cupboards. She gave me eight grocery bags with baby clothes in for charity. I will most probably be taking all that to the orphanage next week.

The exercise continues tomorrow… tomorrow we start sorting out the material things… an extra computer chair, keyboard, speakers, plates, glasses, my mom’s dinner service. We aren’t done with all this yet, but it is a good thing I have my brother’s bakkie at home so that I can drive everything away…

Personally, I feel that spring cleaning like this is good. It gets rid of clutter and it is rewarding giving things to charity.

Btw, are you all familiar with the Santa Shoebox project?

Santa Shoebox Info

I have been wanting to donate, however, I always missed it. I think it is an awesome way of helping others. You pledge a box to a child in need and fill it up with goodies for Christmas. Read more at the following site:  SANTA SHOE BOX . You can find them on Facebook too.

I have pledged two boxes for this year (that’s what the budget allows for) and I have decided to save R 100 a month from next year on and donate more boxes with the money I save. It is small, but it means the world to a child who doesn’t have anything else. Remember it all starts with you.


Anyways, have a happy weekend. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Spring cleaning and charitable things…

  1. I also need to clean out my stuff. When my bro and I moved, I did semi-clean up stuff but there’s still quite a bit that needs to be sifted through.
    Santa shoebox is awesome. I did it last year and I’m gonna try do it again this year

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