Diplomats who cannot drive….

I work in an area, where I am surrounded by embassies.

When I look out of my office window, the right side of the building, I look straight into the Kenyan Embassy. Btw, how sad was the Westgate Mall attack? And to think the ‘White Widow’ had a fake SA passport and lived here? It is frightening  to think that someone like that was let into our country. My heart goes out to all the people who lost loved ones in the Westgate Mall Terror Attack in Kenya.

To the left of our building we have the Pakistan Embassy and to the extreme left we have the Russians. I do pray that no-one ever decides to threaten these embassies, because we are all in an proximity of 400 meters between one another.

Normally, I don’t have a problem with the diplomats, HOWEVER, today I am going to rant about the Russians and their driving skills in suburban roads here in South Africa. Yes, you read right dear reader. Russian Diplomats cannot drive and yes, this is a rant on a Thursday morning!

On my way to work, I travel through the suburb. Now most people know that in a suburb, there are children walking on side walks, senior citizens taking their dogs for walks and sometimes the odd doggy, who got out of his yard, running around. I am extremely cautious on these roads, mainly because the roads of so quiet and free of cars, some drivers take their chances and skip stop streets, etc. Most people know that in a suburb, you only drive between 50 to 60 km per hour. Which is not fast, but it is SAFE.

This morning, I turn into the suburb and see this massive BMW X something or other behind me with a diplomatic number place.  This dude started pissing me off because he was so close to my car’s arse. If I had to brake quickly, he would have been into me. I kept driving at 60 km per hour which is the speed limit. Further down the stretch of road to my office there is a hump, a  mini traffic circle and another hump and then an approximate 300 meters to the corner where the Embassies start. After the second hump, this dude puts his foot down and over takes me. Which is fine with me however he storms past me only to stop dead ahead of me because he wants to turn into the Embassy. SERIOUSLY? What point was he trying to prove??

This is not the first time the Russians have done something stupid like that. They never stop at the one stop street, which is a busy little corner and coming along the road, I have had to swerve a couple of times so that their massive 4×4’s don’t hit my poor little golf.

What makes me mad is that this person is a diplomat and obviously thinks that the rules of the road don’t apply to him? Obviously that little thing called diplomatic immunity gives them the right to do what they want, when they want it. I feel that they are in our country and should adhere to the traffic rules of the road. The rules of the road have been put there to protect EVERYONE who uses the road and just because they are not from the country does not mean that it does not apply to them!



11 thoughts on “Diplomats who cannot drive….

  1. I drive with the firm belief that every other driver on the road is an idiot. In that way I always drive with caution and it saves me the stress when taxi drivers [it’s ALWAYS taxi’s] drive the way I expect. Case in point, I live a few blocks away from a taxi rank so I have to drive past it on my way to work. If there is any queue at the traffic lights, the taxi’s then drive on the wrong side of the road to the get to the rank, and you are expected to give them right of way! And are there ever Metro Cops around to catch them??? That would be a NO. They wait around the corner in the suburbs catching the mom’s on their cellphones.

    But how interesting that you work amongst all those Embassies!

    • Don’t get me started on those taxi drivers and yes, the metro cops are never where they should be when you need them.

      It is okay working near them, but like I said, because they are such controversial countries especially Russia and Pakistan, I sometimes hope that no one in SA ever gets too pissed off with them.

      • I don’t think anyone has anything nice to say about taxi drivers … or Metro Cops come to think of it 😉

        Luckily Russia enjoys a very good relationship with SA – especially since the ANC took over; so no worries there.

      • Well, South Africa might have a good relationship with them, but if their spy cams pick up this post I’ll be in groot k@k! They have underground bunkers at the embassy apparently so no one would hear me if they decided to send their 007 over.

      • Well if you ever go missing, I’ll know where to start looking for you … and I’ll bring a bottle of vodka to bribe my way in 😉

  2. What would be fun is to go into the embassy and ask if there is any good reason not to put in an official complaint to their government regarding the irresponsible behaviour of their diplomats. I think they would be seriously worried – they don’t have any immunity back home!

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