Parties and public holidays

If you were clever, you would have taken Monday off, because Tuesday is a public holiday here in South Africa and that would have meant a loooong weekend baby.

However, if you are like me, who is trying to save your leave for December, then you’ll be at the office. Looking back now, I should have taken Monday off, but you know what it is fine. I have a report to do for Wednesday’s meeting at the airport anyways. I will be the only one of my department at the office, so I’ll have the luxury of answering all the phone calls as well.

Anyways, today is Friday and don’t let my little observation take away from the fact that it is Friday. Traffic was a breeze this morning, because the school holiday are here and I will be leaving a little earlier today, because I have to have Noodle’s birthday cake rice paper made. It is her party on Saturday. I am pretty sure there will be no shooters involved, but I am sure there will be lots of crying and screaming from the kiddies who have been invited. The party is being held at the Spur, which means there will be milkshakes and ice cream and burgers… oh and cake. I wonder if there will be balloons? Btw, I have confirmed with Mrs Biker Man and no, there will be NO shooters. LOL!

I remember when I turned seven years old, my Mom entered a competition and won a birthday party for me at Wimpy that time. My nephew, the Model was only three months old and came with in the pram. It was a good birthday with creme soda floats, chippies, burgers, ice cream, colouring in, streamers, balloons, etc. The parties weren’t as advanced as today’s parties are with face paining and cool video games, but we had fun. I remember I could invite 9 friends to celebrate with me and I still have the photos in my album.

I must admit that I am glad that the birthdays are over for another month, because it has been a busy couple of weeks. Like I mentioned to Harmony, my family consists of ten members (including me) and five of those members had birthdays in a period of five weeks between 21 August and 19 September. Obviously everyone with birthdays in August and September can know that their parent’s enjoyed their Christmas and New Years… if you know what I mean. 😉

And on that note… have a good weekend.

Cutie Pie's favourite fairy.

Cutie Pie’s favourite fairy.


8 thoughts on “Parties and public holidays

  1. Parties these days are a bit ‘over the top’, I think. In days gone by, there might have been a magician, but the most fun was from the games like musical chairs, blind man’s buff, pin the tail, catches, high dango sick 🙂 and so on. Those were a lot cheaper, too!

    • I agree Col and so does my brother. When we were leaving he said that the next party will be held at home, so that if the kiddies get tired, they have a place to sleep and the parents can continue the party without waiters forgetting to bring drinks, etc.

  2. I’m sitting at work on this cold monday morning unfortunately, I envy anyone who’s taken leave! On the plus side it’s really quite and there was no traffic. Enjoy all the paties!

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