Everybody needs good neighbours… or so I’d like to think.

There is so much happening and so much that I want to tell you about… I am going to have to make a list if I want to remember everything.

But first, I want to complain about my neighbour in number 22. Remember them?

Well, last night number 22 (the annoying one) comes to our house as I am reaching in to get my handbag out of my car. He always tries to scare me, but only ends up pissing me off. Anyways, after a little chit-chat with my mom, he says he sent us and the neighbour in number 20 an e-mail about the three thorn trees in front of our townhouse on the communal property of the complex. He wants to have them chopped down, because of the mess the leaves makeand according to him, the roots of the trees are uprooting the bricks in front of our houses and he wants number 20, 21 (that’s us) to agree to have the trees chopped down.  If we agree, he will approach the body corporate with the suggestion.

Now, you don’t know the people in number 22 but you know their kind. THEY COMPLAIN ABOUT EVERYTHING. Seriously they do. He sends the body corporate tons of e-mails about things happening in the complex and the body corporate have come to the point where they just ignore him and do not reply to his e-mails. However, they might just listen to him if he sends them a long-winded mail stating his reasons for the chopping of the trees. (Btw, When someone in the complex hears that we live next door to number 22, they say how sorry they are to hear that and how do we cope?)

Anyways, I am against the chopping down of the trees because:

  • They only shed leaves in Winter because, that’s what trees do. The neighbour has a blower to blow the leaves away if he doesn’t like the mess it makes. My Mom and I keep our place clean by sweeping it twice a week.
  • These three trees are filled with nests. Those nests have eggs in, because it is the season that the birds breed. What will happen to them then?
  • I don’t see where the roots are lifting the bricks. Maybe he wouldn’t feel the bumps if he reversed slower out of the driveway and not at the maniac speed that he is used to?

I do thinks that my Mom and I are fighting a losing battle, because number 20 already replied by e-mail that he is fine with the trees being chopped down.

I on the other hand have come up with the following suggestions:

  • If they decide to chop the trees down, they can do so next Winter when all the birds nests are empty (by then we might not be living there anymore, then I won’t have to see it).
  • They have to adhere to the law of nature and for every tree they remove, they have to plant another in its place.

When I mentioned the law of nature thing to him last night he shrugged his shoulders. That just pissed me off even more. What I do want to do is tell him that the leaves of trees help create the oxygen that he uses so freely and that is why he MUST plant other trees.

Anyways, he most probably will come knocking tonight to hear what my Mom and I have decided although two against one does not make the odds in our favour. *Sigh* I guess I will just have to put my foot down and give him my suggestions and then see if he agrees or not.

axe chopping wood


8 thoughts on “Everybody needs good neighbours… or so I’d like to think.

  1. If the trees roots are causing damage to the paving or any walls; the Trustees are obliged by law to remove the trees and to not do so would amount to negligence. As for the mess it makes from the leaves falling, as you rightly state – this is nature and not a reason to remove a tree. So the only legal standing he has is if the roots are indeed causing damage to common property.

    *sigh* you get these people in every complex … and I have to deal with them all day every day 😦

    • But the thing is, he says there is damage, I don’t see anything. Seriously, I checked. Although, it seems that that will be the angle he uses, because according to him all women are stupid and don’t know what they are talking about. *rolls eyes*

      Thanks so much for your advice Harmz, I appreciate it and I am sorry that you have to deal with people like that everyday. No wonder you are fed up with your job. *hugs*

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