My weekend in a nutshell….

As mentioned before, it was the Model’s birthday. I wasn’t sure what to get him, but on Friday he called me to ask if I had the movie Gladiator. He wanted to lend it. Unfortunately, I am not really a Russell Crowe fan and I told him that and told him that I did not have it in my DVD collection, but that gave me a bright idea. After work, I made a quick trip to Musica to find Gladiator and Clash of the Titans, because as the Model put it, he likes fight movies from the ancient times like 300, Troy, etc. (Totally off topic, but did you see they are doing a second 300 movie? Check it out here.)

After the quick trip to the store, my Mom and I went to Rugby Man’s pub on the base (the place where my family have all their celebrations) to find the Model. When we got there, he had left. So, we decided to hang out with my brother while we waited for him to return.

Finally the Model arrived and we gave him the pressie. He opened it and said the following: “Kitty, you are the shit! It’s just what I wanted!” Yes, ladies and gentlemen, apparently, I really know what my nephews want for their birthdays. *insert big smile here*.

I ended up having shooters with him, Melktertjies to be exact. It still fascinates me how good they are and no wonder they are so potent.


Saturday morning, I was awoken at 07:00 by Biker Man. Does the man not know that I sleep late on Saturday mornings? I gave the phone to my Mom to answer and went back to bed; however, I was awake and couldn’t fall asleep again. *sigh*

Within a matter of minutes Biker Man had arranged a braai for that night to celebrate the Model’s birthday. See, the pub has a lapa, braai area and really cheap alcoholic beverages… and we would be going there once again. It seems to be our home away from home when the rugby season is on and when we celebrate birthdays.

My brothers are bikers, so their friends were there, my family was there and my nephew’s friends rocked up again, charming as ever. *wink wink*

I ended up doing shooters with them… and at R 5 a shooter, there was a lot to be had. Cookies and cream, Springbokkies and of course, Melktertjies. My mom even had one with the boys and really impressed their friends, because their grannies would NEVER do that. She became a legend to my nephew’s friends.

We got home at 00:30. Turns out my brother still went clubbing with the Model and the Blond One. He only got home at 04:30. I admit I was VERY impressed when I saw him at church yesterday morning.

Anyways, the Blonde one had quite a deep conversation with me in the kitchen at the party. He proceeded to tell me that I am the most successful woman he knows, because I have done something with my life. He also said that he was so very proud of me, and then added that if we weren’t related, I’d be in trouble. Hahahaha. That last comment, confirms that he was a bit tipsy.

Anyways, I thought that I would just share my weekend in a nutshell. Many more things happened that I cannot quite elaborate on now. Maybe another time?

Enjoy your Monday, or what’s left of it.


5 thoughts on “My weekend in a nutshell….

  1. Wow, that was a hectic weekend indeed! I just read Melktertjies and I was reminded of my little ‘business’ last year. The one whereby I made bottle of the stuff but drank it all with Cute Neighbour instead of selling it!

    Another great way to find out what someone wants for their birthday without asking them, is to ask them to guess what you got them … their answers will be what they want!

    I look forward to hearing what else happened this weekend … *wink wink*

  2. You don’t know how much I thought of that adventure of yours. I was telling my nephews you have the recipe and they said that I should ask if you still had it. I found one online, but not sure about it, because it is from a New Zealand site. LOL!

    Of course you would want to know more… You are as curious as I am afterall. 😉

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