It is Friday, the 13th…

and it is your birthday. Yes, my dear Model, you are a year older… and at 23 the world is your oyster. So, I want to wish you a happy birthday and hope that your day is awesome and that none of our “Irish bad luck superstitions” rub off on you today. 🙂

Today is the birthday of my oldest nephew and my Mom’s first grandchild. Today would have also been my Ouma’s (my mom’s mother) birthday. She would have been 88 years-old. She passed three months after my dad passed away. So that was not the greatest year for my Mom. My Ouma was quite a lady. I should one day blog about her and her achievements. She was really a cool gal and I miss her and my Dad so much sometimes. Anyways, it was nice that my Ouma celebrated her birthday with her great-grandchild. How many times does that happen in life?


On other news… After ten weeks of hard work, I finished my graphic design course. I am proud to say that my final mark is for the course is 78% which means I passed with distinction. *Insert a biig smile here* I cannot believe it is over though, because I had so much fun. Working and studying is not for sissies, but it seems to have worked for me. I must just say, I am VERY glad that I am at a company that pays for continued training. Through them I have done the following:

  • Writing for social media.
  • Photoshop.
  • Advanced sub-editing.
  • Foundations of graphic design.

My HR manager called me an “over-achiever”. I told her, that I would prefer being called a “bright spark” and an asset to the company. Now, can you believe that I am already thinking about the next course that I want to do? Crazy? Well, I might be. 🙂 See, I have two or three options open to me and I would like to consider them properly before I say anything else.

Okay, so enough ramblings from me today.
Have a good weekend.


3 thoughts on “It is Friday, the 13th…

  1. KAT! Another Birthday??? I can’t keep up! 😀
    So the model is 23 now, it seems like yesterday that he was turning 21 – your nephew’s are growing up so fast.

    A very big congrats to you on your marks – hard work is rewarded and you my friend deserve all the success in the world – I am very proud of you!

    • Hahaha… next week is the last one for another month. 🙂 My nehews are growing up fast and have turned into such special men. 🙂 They’ll most probably be married with kids before I even decide to settle.

      Thank you Harmz, I appreciate your kind words. *Hugs*

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