This is a rant – Do not read if you like MINIONS.

You have been warned dear reader. If you like the minions, do not read this post any further.


Hi I am Kathleen…

and I don’t like MINIONS!

((Kathleen waiting patiently for the shock and horror to subside))

Yes, my dear reader. I honestly do not see what the fuss is about them.

Look at them…

they look like human penises.


You can tell me I am wrong and maybe reading too much into it, but seeing these little guys running over the screen does not make me want  to watch the movie.


I don’t care how cute people say they are.

I literally cringe every time one of my friends put them up as their profile pictures.

I will not be changing my mind about this anytime soon.

So do not try to convince me otherwise.

There we go… my rant is over.

Have a good afternoon further.

PS. I do apologise to my readers who like the minions, but I needed to get this off my chest.

PPS.  I am considering deleting the people, who have these as their profile pictures, off my social media pages,

THAT is how strongly I feel about this.


7 thoughts on “This is a rant – Do not read if you like MINIONS.

  1. Do not come to visit me,my LO has a wall covered with them,she spent the last holidays coloring in pictures of minions she printed out………its a sight to behold

    • Oh, I am sure it is Deblet. 🙂

      Btw, I my rant didn’t include kiddies. They can like them… the movie is for them after all. I should have said that the rant is for the adults who like them… those who are 21 years and older.

  2. Aw, look at those little faces, they are devastated that you compared them to penises; and now that you have, I will never be able to see them in the same light again!

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