Another birthday in the family…

Yes, you read right… We have another birthday in the family today. Namely that of Mrs Biker Man. Who is a whole 37 years old today.  I just got off the phone with her and she was eating chocolate brownies. Biatch!  I could do with one now… its been a hectic morning here.

My editor asked that I help with the entries for the PICA awards.  I love doing that kind of stuff and getting everything ready was fun. However, just as I was finishing up, the permanent marker I was using decided to break and I had black ink all over my hands and desk. *face palm*

Anyways, back to Mrs Biker Man’s birthday. I just called her and must admit she sounded really flustered, poor thing. Anyways, I got her and my brother the same gift for their birthdays, except her’s is a different colour and this time I promise, I will take a photo and put it up, because it is too cute NOT to share it.

Anyways, Mrs Biker Man, happy birthday. I hope and trust that you will have a great day and year ahead and that you will be showered with love from my brother and the girlies. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Another birthday in the family…

  1. Ok, you were not kidding when you said your family celebrated a lot of birthdays at this time of the year! I can’t wait to see what you got her!

    • Well, lets see my close family consists out of 10 members (including me)… and five of those members are in August/September. Exactly half, hence why I am broke this time of year… but on the bright side… they are all at least a week apart. 😉

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