21 today…

I am feeling very nostalgic today… Yes, I am remembering the day my nephew was born. 🙂

It was a Saturday, when my Mom and Dad decided to take me to the Pretoria Show. My brother, Rugby Man and his now ex-wife, let’s call her Curly,  who was almost about to deliver and my nephew were to join us. Those were the day’s before cell phones and we arranged to meet at the Ferris Wheel. They were late, so to pass the time, my Mom took me and we got on the big wheel and we eventually found them from the top of the Ferris wheel. I shouted down to them and they eventually looked up to see us and they found my Dad.

While walking through the exhibition halls, Curly complained of back pain. I remember they went home at 14:00 and left my nephew, the model, with my parents and my nine-year-old self. My brother took Curly home. At 17:00 her water broke and she delivered later that night.

The blonde one had arrived. 🙂 I was an aunty of two by the age of 9. I remember going to the hospital to see him. My brother lied and said I was 10 otherwise they wouldn’t let me in to see the newborn. See, this was the first time I saw a little baby in hospital, because I was 7 when the Model was born, so I only got to see him when he and Curly got home. It was such a special experience.

Today, the blonde one is 21 years old. He has grown into a wonderful young man, with good manners and I know my brother is very proud of him. As am I. I hope the future holds the best for you and that you always grow in love and kindness, even if you talk a little too much when you drink. LOL!





4 thoughts on “21 today…

    • No Col, I am not an elderly aunt at all. 😉 According to my nephews, I’m their ‘sexy’ aunt… however, I think that can be debated. LOL!

  1. You weren’t kidding when you mentioned your family celebrated many birthday’s around this time!

    A very happy birthday to your nephew!

    • Thanks Harmony. 🙂 We are baking him a cake and I have his pressie in the cupboard. Just waiting for Saturday for the BIIIIG party. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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