In sickness and in health…

Last week Tuesday, I had a sore throat. I put it down to the change of season. My Mom had been ill the week before with a sore throat, ears and a cough that she could not and still cannot shake. She self-medicated herself and seemed to be on the mend. By Thursday, my voice was gone *face palm*. This was especially bad, because we had a choral at the church on Saturday and I was supposed to be singing with my fellow choir members. I went to the chemist, who gave me an immune booster and cough syrup.

I was off on Friday, please note this was NOT sick leave. Remember I mentioned that my Mom had a big order for cupcakes and tarts?  Well, I did the icing with a doctor’s mask on my face, Yes, that was my Grey’s Anatomy moment. Anyways, by the time the choral arrived on Saturday, there was hope for my voice. I sang a number of four songs and in the middle of the fifth song, I had a coughing fit and had to run off the ‘stage’. *BLUSH*

For the last two nights, I have not had sleep, due to the fact that every time I try to lay down, I go into a coughing fit. My throat is raw from the coughing today and guess where I am? At work. I called my GP and she is not in… which does not help much. Also, I had a report to finish and my assignment to hand in, so staying at home is not an option for me at the moment. Too much is happening at the office.

If I was a man, I could have done what a colleague did, he went to the doctor, got a sick note, came back to the office, handed another co-worker all his work and said he will be back when he is better on Thursday. *Insert a jaw-drop here* How easy was that?

So, what is my point of this post exactly?

Well, I have noticed that as a woman, one does not get much sympathy when you are ill. You are expected to carry on. You are expected to keep the house running, you have to cook for the kids, you have house chores to finish and grocery shopping to do… it never ends. As opposed to men in general (including my brothers) who, when they get ill, are like bears with sore heads. You can get them to do absolutely nothing, because they are too sick. *rolls eyes* Mrs Biker Man had this experience recently.

I could carry on with this post all day, with examples etc, however, I do not have the time. I have too much to go do, so I leave you with the words of Aunty Betty below:



3 thoughts on “In sickness and in health…

    • Thanks Asian. I eventually went to the Doctor. She booked me off and R 500 for medicine (not to mention the other money I spent for over the counter medicine), I should be healed soon. 🙂

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