Today is Harmony’s birthday.

This is the day she enters the naughty forties.

I decided to break from tradition of posting Enrique photos and I made you a gift.

So, my dear Harmony, put on your tiara, blow out your candles and have a fantastic day!

My wish for you is that, in this new era of your life, you have tons of happiness, love and joy.

I know things haven’t been easy, but I like thinking that life is like being a Phoenix, no matter what the universe throws your way, you always rise up out of the ashes.

This is your time to shine. 🙂

Happy Birthday!





  1. Ooh, isn’t that nice! Happy birthday to her indeed, and congratulations on the beginning of life – except that idea of forty is now outdated, and these days it is probably still five or ten years to go before it happens.

  2. Ah Kat this is BEAUTIFUL! I’m sorry I didn’t have internet access on Friday to see it … but just know that I absolutely LOVE IT! It’s soooo me! 😀

    THANK YOU!!!

    • You are welcome and no worries about not seeing it on Friday, I know how busy you were. 😉 I hope you had a great birthday and that the 40’s will be an awesome time for you. 😀 😀

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