Some heartbreaking news…

I have a colleague here at work, I talk to her, but she is not what I would call a “friend”.  We held a collection for her and gave her a stork tea at the end of July. I only donated R 50 because I didn’t have more to give that month. Anyway, she received a lot of gifts from the cash that was collected. Her baby was due on 25 August, or around that time.

Last Monday, on 12 August, we received an e-mail saying that she had a baby girl on the Sunday (11 August 2013) and that Mother and daughter were doing well. Later that day we received an e-mail with a few photos of the baby.

Last Friday evening, I received a Whatsapp message from my work colleague/friend, let’s call her Zee. Zee was a bit “distant” in her messages and after asking a few questions she said that our one colleague’s baby had past away earlier the day. The baby was 6 days old.

I am not entirely sure what the baby passed away from. Her lungs collapsed apparently. Someone else at the office said, there was something wrong with her blood and she had a blood transfusion. It is very mixed up. But what I do know is that she passed away.

The baby’s funeral was on 18 August, the day she would have been a full week old. I only saw the message on Monday morning, because my BB has been giving me a lot of trouble lately.  It turns out that only three people from my company went. No one else knew about the tragic event.

What I do know is that I am heartbroken for my colleague. To carry a baby inside you for 9 months and to feel it move and to give birth and hold that little human being and then that human being is taken from you. How heartbreaking is that? I must admit, that I haven’t stopped thinking about my colleague. To think she has to carry on living without that new born baby. I mean her body hasn’t even healed from the birth yet and now she has to mend a broken heart? Will she go for counselling? What will she do with all the gifts she received? When will she come back to work?  So many questions without answers.

This does confirm one thing… LIFE IS PRECIOUS.


I refer to a quote from one of my favourite movies, PS I Love You:

This is my one and only life, and it’s a great and terrible and short and endless thing,

and none of us come out of it alive.” 


9 thoughts on “Some heartbreaking news…

  1. 😦 Kat this is horrible news – too right – life is so very very precious.
    Even though my ‘baby’ is 23 years old, I cannot imagine the pain of him leaving this mortality now, so for this new mother this must be absolutely heartbreaking 😦

    • Yeah, I think we don’t realise how precious the moments with our loved ones are. I know Zee said that she will be giving her daughter an extra hug that night. I did the same when I saw my nieces. 🙂

  2. That is dreadful to think about. However, it is something that happened a great deal more often in the past. My wife goes into genealogy, and every family seems to have had some babies of only a few days or weeks dying. Very young children, too.

    • Yeah, it did happen a lot in the past Col. My gran gave birth to a stillborn baby because when she gave birth in 1944, they did not know that the little one’s umbilical chord was around her neck. It was very sad for her and my grand father at that time.

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