Today is…

The start of our birthday season. Yes, my closest family members start celebrating today.

My brother, Biker Man is 44-years-old today. Yes, that is correct. I cannot believe it myself. My Mom was in tears this morning about it. But, before I go any further, I’d like to say Happy birthday to you Biker Man. I hope there will be many, many more and that your day is special. (Not that he will ever read this blog, hahaha!)


Most of my family members have birthdays August, September, October and November. The exception, of course, is my Mom and Ms Cutie Pie. They are in January and March respectively. There are some special birthdays in our family this year.  My nephew, the Blonde one, will be 21. Noodle will be one and I will be the big 30.  I already have the Blonde One’s gift and Noodles too. My brother will get his on Saturday. Hopefully. I woke up a little late about it. Will show you guys what is is when I am done with it.

Oh and before I forget, it is my friend Harmony’s birthday too! She will just have to wait for her special day to see her pressie. 😉

Anyways, I just thought I’d share. I have other news, however, that will just have to wait for another post. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Today is…

  1. Oooh please tell me it’s going to be photo’s of one naked Enrique!!! Oh wait, didn’t I get that last year? Not that I mind, a girl can never never have enough naughty Enrique pics!

    And a very happy birthday to your brother! I’m quite inquisitive as to his gift too!

    • Nekkid Enrique pics are very hard to find… all I can find are the ones I put up last year. Does the man not do sexy photo shoots anymore??? *sigh*

      Oh and my brother’s gift is more sentimental than anything else. Will put it up on Monday, as I am having it made. 😉

      • Ah those are always the best gifts – I’m referring to the sentimental ones – not the nekkid ones … although … 😉

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