My assignment has been handed in…

Yeah, you read right, I am doing another course and according to my Mom, I am the eternal student.

I am busy completing a ten week graphic design course through Get Smarter, they presents university accredited short courses entirely online.

 So far, it is a lot of fun and I am learning so many new things and I am looking at everything in a new light.

Designs, logos, images, art, photos… it is like a whole new world out there and everything makes sense now and the best thing is that I can apply this knowledge to work and home.

I have been playing around a bit, which is the only way to learn and check this out:


Anyways, I am so excited.

The girlies, (Noodle and Cutie Pie) are coming over this weekend.

Hence why I got my assignment done way before Monday’s deadline. (Method in my madness. 😉 )

Have a good weekend!




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