Catch-up, session 1

Where have I been you might ask? Well, besides working and studying, things have been a little hectic on my side. However, my new motto is:


So… let’s see, the last time I blogged, my editor was resigning. Well, my editor, now the ex-editor, left on 14 June. It was a sad day; however, we got some cash together and bought her a fancy briefcase bag and a travel suitcase. On the bag we engraved our magazine’s name on, that way she cannot forget us. Method in our madness, you see.  Ex-editor and I have been in touch with one another and yesterday was her birthday. So I sent her a mail to wish her.

In my family life… well, we have had three people in hospital. Yes, I felt like I was in Grey’s Anatomy there for a moment… However, there was not a McSteamy in sight…


First Noodle got sick. She was there for almost a week. Had Rotavirus and was put in isolation. I swear, I have never seen a baby get so sick. Shame, you get immunised against it; however, she got it before the immunisation. Not good at all.

Then the Model hurt his hand at work, he is an artisan and a pipe cut through his glove and almost chopped his finger off, okay, maybe not that bad, but the Doctors had to do an emergency op to fix the tendon and apparently you could see the bone. I didn’t get to see it unfortunately.

Then my Mom got sick. We didn’t know what was wrong; however, the doctors at the hospital saw her and sent her home with so many anti-biotics, which didn’t help so I took her to the house doctor who found out what was wrong with her. She is getting better too now.

The hospital made money out of our family over the last couple of weeks, because let’s face it, everything comes at a price.

Anyways… how do you know you are working in law too long? When meditation is read as mediation. *SIGH* There is obviously no help for me.

So, that’s the first part of the catch-up.

Chat soon.




8 thoughts on “Catch-up, session 1

    • Yeah, we are… not to mention the costs for the cappuccinos at the coffee shop. LOL!
      And give me a break Col, I haven’t seen finger bones in the flesh before, well, except on x-rays. 😉

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