Ever feel like this?

Well, since I last visited/wrote on my blog a lot of things have happened.

Work: Well another issue of the journal is being put to bed soon. News this month has been really slow and I only have two pictures and short stories in this month’s issue. Hopefully things are looking up for the July issue. I have a column piece going in (if it is approved by the editorial committee) and I have just returned from a two day conference, which I have to report on. The conference was very interesting I might add. I met some wonderful and interesting people. We have had a two big “shocks” at the office. One pertains to our department directly and we are expecting a few changes in the next month or two. I know change is good, but at the moment, I am not too positive about it. I can’t say much due to confidentiality and all that, so I can’t give more info about it.

The family: The family are all doing well. My Mom is baking up a storm and has found herself a job! She got tired of retirement and joined a family-friend’s company. After three months, she has been put on permanent staff and boy is she thriving! Back to my old Mum. Like she said, the year off was nice, but now she is enjoying being busy again. Rugby Man finally sold his house. He is now in a small place but a really nice small place. The model is living with him. Biker Man and his family are great. My nieces are growing so fast. They are too gorgeous and they make me smile when I see them.

Me: Well, the picture below sums me up quite nicely. LOL!


I need a rest and I will be doing just that on the weekend. My Mom has agreed with me. We have been quite busy of late and it is time for a rest. I know, because every teeny tiny thing is irritating me, and no, it isn’t pms! So hopefully this weekend, I won’t be getting up to much. Oh and great, just got more bad news… makes me wonder what I did to deserve that!  Anyways…



10 thoughts on “Ever feel like this?

  1. I hope the bad news is just bad and not BAD!
    Otherwise, in a mixed bag, there seems quite a bit that is positive.
    Departmental changes are seldom good news. They usually mean a hight-up somebody’s senses have departed and that they’ve gone mental.

    • Well, I can share the news now, the adverts have been sent out. Our company is looking for a new CEO and a new editor. Yes, my editor resigned and I am really sad about it. Although like you said Colonialist, there is good too. 🙂
      As for the other bad news… all I know is that money is the root of all evil!

      • I wish.. the kind of experience needed is hectic, not to mention that I need to be a practising attorney for both positions, which I am not… so there goes those great ideas. lol

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