The memory I will ALWAYS cherish! Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart in South Africa

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They were on their way out? I thought that they would go through a back entrance or something. How wrong was I?

I left my mom at the coffee shop with my jacket and bag, actually she told me I could go and that she would wait for me. I don’t think she was up for a stampede. I grabbed my camera and went running down the corridor.

Aaron Eckhart was the first to appear. There were so many bodyguards and fans around that I decided to move to the end of the corridor and wait there. I took a couple of photos of him signing autographs and taking photos with fans.

Aaron Eckhart signing autographs for fans.

Aaron Eckhart signing autographs for fans.

Then Gerry came out and the girls went crazy. Those screams were ear-piercing high pitched screams. After this experience, I feel very sorry for any famous actor who has to hear that sound and be blinded by flashes from cameras. Privacy is what they obviously crave and I can understand that, and yes I know that is the path they have chosen to walk but still.

Gerard Butler with some of his fans and the bodyguard.

Gerard Butler with some of his fans and the bodyguard.

I spoke to so many different people who commented on my t-shirt and while I was waiting for the men to come my way, I notice a man standing to one side. It was Gerry Butler’s manager Alan. Yes, I know what his manager looks like there are photos of him and Alan on the GB website and yes, I know, I must have been one of the only people there who knew his manager, but knowing that does NOT and I repeat does NOT make me a stalker.

In all the excitement, I approached Alan.

“Are you Alan?” I asked.
“Yes, I am,” he replied. I think he might have been shocked that I knew him.
“That’s awesome. Thanks for looking after Gerry,” I said.
What else could I say? I was lost for conversation. I mean Gerry Butler was on his way towards us.

I admit, that I was eavesdropping on the conversation Alan was having with another gentleman who was carrying a bag or two. He was saying that they needed to hurry up, because they needed to have dinner, get to the room, change and then be downstairs for the red carpet walk.

While waiting for the guys to come my way, I set in my camera, to take a self-portrait of me and both stars. See, here is the photo. It would have been the coolest shot.

All of a sudden there was a commotion around me body guards telling me to get out the way… Aaron who was ahead of Gerry all the time, got to me the same time as Gerry made his way to his manager. I had to make a choice of who to corner to ask for a photo… and I am so sorry Aaron, but I have been a Gerry fan for so long that I chose him.

Gerry walked so fast that I ran up next to him begging him for a pic. They were in a hurry to get to the hotel so Gerry showed me to come closer. He put his arm around me and pulled me close to him and gave me a sideways hug. As I was about to take the photo, Alan said he would take the photo and took the camera out of my hand. Gerry and I posed for the photo. Alan took the photo, then ran backwards. I started laughing because it looked funny and Gerry told him not to screw around. In all the happenings around us, I said “Thanks for the photo Gerry”. He smiled at me and was whisked away.

Alan gave the camera back to me and said “It didn’t come out.”
I said: “Don’t worry about it.”
I knew how rushed they all were and I could not stop him again for a photo. What happened was that in all the pushing and shoving, the settings on the camera must have been disabled and that is why the photo did not come out and I didn’t have any evidence that I had met my favourite actor of all time. Walking back to my Mom I was so sad.

When I got to the restaurant I told my happy/sad tale to my Mom and the couple at the next table. It was there that the lady, I unfortunately didn’t get her name, said to me: “I also did not get a photo, but I got a hug and a high-five and that no one can take away from me. It is etched in my memory.”

It is true, I also did not get a photo, but those couple of seconds were worth so much more! That comment made me feel so much better and my Mom hugged me, we collected our things and made our way to the cinema, where more excitement awaited us.


6 thoughts on “The memory I will ALWAYS cherish! Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart in South Africa

  1. So near and yet so far! But, as often happens, the quirk of fate is probably something which will remain more memorable than a successful photo would have been!

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