What to wear and other happenings – Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart in South Africa

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We lounged about all morning. I answered e-mails from work. My Mom baked cupcakes for an order and then we decided to get ready. Well… first we debated what to wear and what the temperature would be like on the way home. Was I supposed to wear boots? Pumps? Jeans? A fancy blouse or my Gerard Butler t-shirt that I had made in 2005 in Varisty? (See it here) Do I wear my hair curly or straight? So many choices! So many decisions!

I ended up in my jeggings (the girls will know what that is), a fancy blouse and my gladiator heels. I decided to take my t-shirt with and change there. My mom had on a fancy blouse and black jeans with her sandals. We eventually left at 13:00.

It was early, but with the trafficwe would have only gotten there by 14:00 and the whole idea was to go walk around at Monte Casino, have lunch and then make our way to the fishbowl studio of Jacaranda 94.2.

One thing… Monte Casino is not very busy on weekdays. There are only gamblers and tourists and I must admit that it was odd  having the whole corridor to ourselves to walk in.

So guess where we had lunch?

We ended up at Wimpy for a toasted sarmie. I think we were both a little nervous and because of that, we could not face a big meal. In the food court they have big screens up everywhere, and I was so excited when I saw the following:

Monte Casino welcomes Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart.



After ‘lunch’ we went walking around. We  looked at the shops and the shoes in the shops. Random thought, but who pays R 895 for a pair of plain black ballet pumps??? Okay, maybe if I won the jackpot while gambling and I know you pay for the name more than anything else, but seriously, the prices are sky high.

Talking about gambling. Do you know how many people are there during the day, and not just senior citizens? There are people of all ages, races and their eyes are all glued to those screens, spending money to make money. I can see how it can become addictive. My Mom and I did not gamble, but we ended up walking around the gamblers… and I must admit, that it is a bit scary seeing one person playing three machines.

We then went to a coffee shop for coffee and a slice of Lemon Meringue and it started getting a bit busier, but nothing to write home about. We lounged there till 16:00 (the show starts at 16:00) and went to my car, to go get my t-shirt… I changed and we got to the studios at about 16:15.

Then we had to wait….


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