The BBM that made it all real – Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart in South Africa

In the previous post, I did not mention how excited my Mom was. We hugged and laughed, we were both so happy. I think we would have cried too given the chance. We eventually listened to the announcement of the winners on the radio and I recoded the moment, just to make sure we were not dreaming.

In all the excitement, I thought that I would give my brother, Biker Man, a call. See, he says he does not like Gerard Butler, but Biker Man was the one who organised one of Gerard Butler’s movies, Dear Frankie, for me from his friends. This was years ago and when he gave it to me, I burst into tears. Also, the last time Biker Man was visiting our house, he wanted to watch Attila, so I suspect he is an ‘undercover’ fan. Shhhhhh! Don’t tell anyone I said that.

Biker Man did not pick up.

I then decided to phone Mrs Biker Man… Shame when she answered I bombarded her with all the info. The poor gal had me, all excited, on the one side and Ms Cutie Pie, wanting to talk to me, on the other. It was a crazy conversation. Mrs Biker Man said she would tell my brother all about it. I got to speak to my niece, who told me about the naughty dog they have and that she wanted ice cream. It was too cute!

I then called Rugby Man… and there was no answer either.  What is it with my family?  Although I was not too worried. Rugby Man never answers but he does phone back because he is on contract and not pay-as-you-go like me. One thing he did mention was that I was so positive about the competition and that is why I won. ‘Your dream is coming true’ he said.

That night I went to bed early… Thinking that I would not be able to sleep with all the excitement, but I was wrong about that. When my head hit the pillow I was gone.

The next morning I awoke to a BBM from Biker Man. It said:


My Mom walked into my room and I read the message to her. It was then that I realised that it was the day my dream would come true and I laughed and cried at the same time.


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