The good news – Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart in South Africa

Recently I blogged about Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart coming to South Africa to promote their new movie, Olympus has fallen .

Olympus has fallen

This movie was released on Friday 12 April 2013 at all Nu Metro and Ster-Kinekor movie theatres in South Africa.

I entered the competition, that I referred to in my previous post,  many times to meet them, but alas, I did not win. It was okay though, the prize ended up being for one person, and no offence, but who wants to meet those to gorgeous men alone???

Obviously there were other plans in store for me.

After the announcement of the two main winners on Monday afternoon, Martin Bester the DJ of the station said that seven people could win double tickets to the premier and attend the questions and answers session with the stars after the movie. To win the tickets all you needed to do was SMS the name of the movie and your name to them.

Now, this is where I thank the good Lord that I have a Blackberry, where you can copy, paste and send a message in a matter of seconds.

I wrote the message, copied it and pasted it over and over and over again. You can only imagine how many times I sent that message. I swear my nerves, my adrenaline and excitement all mixed into one was an awesome feeling. Who needs booze and recreational drugs when you can get a high from possibly seeing Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart.

I sent off 20 messages over a period of two minutes and all I could do was hope for the best.

At 18:30 I received a call from Mike, the producer of the show, who said that I was one of the lucky people to win. Now, this is the embarrassing part, but I screamed with a high pitched voice, just like a teeny bopper who gets to see Justin Bieber for the first time! (So much for my cool and intense Scorpio demeanor. *sigh*)

Anyways, while the producer was speaking to me I did a happy dance. He told me that he would call the next day with further details, but all that I had to do was be at the Il Grande movie theatre at Monte Casino at 18:30 to collect my tickets. I must admit, that it sounded a lot like the premier I went to there forBreaking Dawn Part 2. Thanks again for those tickets Harmony !

So, I was going to the premier and best of all… I could take a partner… and who better to take than my equally GB obsessed mom.

It was official. No matter what… We would both get to see Gerard Butler!

Yes, we would have gone to see the radio interview in the fishbowl studio that afternoon, and we took the day off to do that…

BUT now we were going to the premier as well!

How awesome could this get?


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