Some family news

This afternoon we put another issue of the magazine to bed, but no rest for the wicked… or so the saying goes.

I had a lovely weekend… I was babysitting my nieces, mainly because their mom (Wifey) was at a work conference. My brother (Biker Man) arranged to bring them to us at 12 on Saturday, but we went to pick them up at 11:15, because I don’t think he realised what a big job a baby (Noodle) and a toddler (Cutie Pie) would be. LOL! One child at a time for him it seems.

My mom, is enjoying the grandchildren, especially her time with Noodle. She seems to have a bond with the little one that no one can quite explain. The little one has big brown eyes and if you give her hair enough time to grow, it will be auburn like my brothers and that is to my mom’s delight.

Cutie Pie is more my child. I think she enjoys my company because I am her playmate and mainly because I am the only one who jumps on the trampoline with her. We both get excited when Tinkerbell shares her fairy dust before a movie, we love books and we both like jumping in puddles with our Wellies on when it rains. 🙂 She tends to get a little jealous when I hold Noodle or tease Noodle, but I think she realises they both have a soft spot in my heart. Cutie Pie did realise, however, that I can discipline her too.. I admit, I was worried what my brother would say, but he agreed with me, that when I say no, it is no and I should not apologise for disciplining her.

So, as I said, Noodle was there too, and guess who ended up changing all her nappies? By the end of the weekend I wasn’t gagging or complaining about it any more. I just got it done. I got used to her wiggling about and getting her foot full of bum creme, but hey, I can officially say I am a pro at nappies and bathing kids and putting them to sleep (with my Mother’s help of course 😉 ).

Things I learned overt the weekend:

  • I now know that “mouse milk” is actually Nesquick;
  • I found out that kids at almost three years of age repeat what you say, however, in my defence I didn’t realise I said it… and it is funny when a three year old says “Oh shit!”;
  • I know that when Cuite Pie says it is not funny, that you shouldn’t laugh;
  • I know that adding bubbles to a bath makes Cutie Pie very happy;
  • I also know that Cutie Pie loves picking flowers from Ouma’s (my Mom’s) garden;
  • I know that Noodle is the happiest baby when she wakes up in the morning;
  • I know that Noodle loves her walking ring (for a 5-month-old she’ll be walking in no time); and
  • I know that Noodle giggles when you tickle her tummy.

So, by the time they left on Sunday, I was tired, and it would seem that I have much to learn in the parenting department, but I don’t think my Mom and I did too badly. 🙂 I was saying to my Mom, that I wouldn’t mind having a little one… one day. I think I’d enjoy it and my Mom has taught me so much about what to do, that with her guidance, the kid wouldn’t be too bad off. 😉


14 thoughts on “Some family news

    • Thanks Asian, I think they are cute too. 🙂
      I should remember that for next time, seeing that the child is obsessed with bunnies. 🙂

  1. There is a lot to be said for library children – you hand them back when you’ve finished!
    Thanks to niece and nephew your first kid will be lucky – not to be the one to have the learning curve gone through on!
    We are nannyless today, so I have been keeping the (goin-on for) two-year-old amused!

  2. The sound adorable! I have two nieces myself and you quickly learn that a full nights sleep is not essential! lol My sisters used to send their littles ones to us almost every weekend. I’d take one baby and my mom would take another and we’d play ‘mum.

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