I’m in the dark here… so I thought I’d blog.

Here I am at work, sitting in the dark, because the lights went off. It seems to be a monthly occurrence around deadline time. I am kind bummed, but there is nothing I can do. My laptop is at home (its too heavy to carry up and down each day) and we aren’t allowed to leave.

I have filed most of my adverts and can’t do anything until the lights come on later, as I have to work on screen most of the time.

Anyways, my one co-worker, Zee is pregnant and leaving on maternity leave next week. Felt like just the other day she told me she was pregnant. That is a bit of a funny story if I say so myself.

We were having a baby shower for our receptionist and a lady in finance and my Mom made the cupcakes for the shower. Zee who doesn’t eat sweet things was eating one. So I said in my loud voice: ‘You are eating a cupcake? You never do! Are you pregnant?’ She was quick to say no.

However, an hour later she entered my office asking how I knew. ‘I didn’t know, I just said it’ I said in my defence. Turns out Zee had just found out about it herself. Now, so many months later she is almost ready to give birth.

She is having a little girl and I have enjoyed going through the motions with her. Seeing the scans, especially the 3D one. Asking about morning sickness and I tease her about her Buddha belly. LOL!

She received quite a number of gifts on Saturday and then there is still her work’s shower to go. By the time baby Z is born on the 25th, she’ll be ready for everything. I think she is going to be an awesome Mum. 🙂

Anyways, that’s enough ramblings from me… I’d better get back to my paper work… See what else I can do when the lights are off.

Have a happy Tuesday further.


5 thoughts on “I’m in the dark here… so I thought I’d blog.

  1. It seems like baby season – our tenant had a little girl at 01h00 today, and my granddaughter’s best friend at school is about to receive a little sister.
    Reminds me of a not-so-funny one where I said to a bloke I knew whose wife had a black eye, ‘Been wife-beating, have you?’ It turned out, he had!

    • What I am worried about is that all the kids being born are girls…. what happened to the boys?

      Oh crap… I hate when I make foot in mouth comments like that too. It has happened too many times!

      • Actually, I wish now that I had added, ‘But I shouldn’t joke about things like that. Only the scum of the earth do it.’ That was the sort of message he needed.

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