Welcome back to all my friends

Well, hello there everyone.

I do hope and trust you are all well and that you are enjoying what 2013 has to offer so far.

Firstly from my side: HAPPY NEW YEAR! May 2013 bring you all happiness joy and love.


Wow! Time has really flown by. It is already 16 day’s into January already. This means –

  1. I didn’t keep my resolution of blogging every second day (at least);
  2. I am one year closer to retirement in 2048; and
  3. This is my last year as a twenty something chick.

So much has happened in the past few months that I’m not really sure where to begin…

My life became a blur of work, work and more work. I wrote a few articles (okay 3) last year in the magazine, which was above my own workload and I admit that it was so awesome seeing my name in print again. *Insert big smile here*

In this month’s issue I have another news item and a short caption story.

Getting back into the writing side of things has been difficult, however, it is like riding a bike. You never forget how and with a little practice and patience from my editor, I’ll get there.  Just a random bit of information, but, I haven’t written articles for publication in more than eight years. I wrote news bulletins for radio, but that is a whole other kind of writing style.

So, because of all the work, I was so glad for the holidays to arrive. The holidays. *sigh* It seems so long ago now.

We didn’t go on actual holiday last year. We stayed at home and rested. Good and solid rest. We did fun things, we went Christmas shopping, we had Christmas lunch at a hotel and we spent New Year’s at home with the family.

By 7 January, work started again, and because of deadlines, I worked through the weekend and late nights to get it all done.  Tomorrow is deadline day and by Monday we go to print, but then the next cycle starts.

This weekend is my mom’s 66th birthday. I’ll be taking her to the movies on Saturday. We are planning to watch the new Gerard Butler *swoon* movie, Playing for Keeps. Now, you all should know that I am a major fan of old Gerry and I am VERY excited to watch the movie.

Playing for Keeps

Okay, so this is just a quick update from my side. I’ll get around to everyone’s blogs soon.

Take care and chat soon.


10 thoughts on “Welcome back to all my friends

  1. Well well well, look what the Kat dragged in 😀 Sounds like you’ve been a very girl since you’ve returned to work. Oooh I also want to see that movie!

      • I have missed you too, so I hope you stick to your resolution of at least posting every second day. I’m all good my friend, still having men and work problems, but the kids keep me grounded 🙂

      • Oh, I will definitely try. 🙂 I saw Star’s arm… is he all better now?

        Oh and the men and work problems, I doubt they ever go away. *facepalm*

      • His stitches come out in a week and then we’ll see how well he’s healed. But at least he has full use of his hand and arm.

        Hahaha – one can only live in hope, and I have faith that this is my year better luck with men AND work!

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