The BIG news for the week!

Hi all,

Hope you are all well. Here at work, we just handed in the disc for the October 2012 issue. Two more issues to go then December is here. Time really is flying, or so it seems. With so much to do that I have had to start making ‘to do’ lists here at work. Everything I need to remember has to be written down in a book or else I’ll forget.

So, the big news of the week is: My niece, Noodle is being born on Friday! *Insert happy dance here* I can’t wait to meet her! I have taken the day off to see her. 😀

Apparently (this has not yet been confirmed) we will be babysitting Cutie Pie on Friday and Saturday, which is so nice, because she is stringing sentences together, and she is so damn cute!

However, guess what else is happening this weekend?

The Africa Aerospace and defence Exhibition starts this week. The public days are on Saturday and Sunday.

Now, if you know me, you will know that I am CRAZY over jets and planes and that standing on the ground while the jet zooms over you is an amazing feeling. It always, and I mean always gives me goose bumps. It seems that I’ll only be able to make an appearance at the Waterkloof Air Force Base on Sunday (I might skip church to go there instead).

Anyways, I live about a kilometre away from the Air Force Base, so I’ll have all the jets flying over my house and I’ll most probably have Cutie Pie shouting bye at every plane that comes past not to mention her excited aunt!

I’ll have to charge the batteries for both my cameras and knowing me, I’ll walk away with hundreds of photos again! Don’t worry; I’ll showcase them on my photo blog. 🙂 Btw, I’ll post some photos of previous air shows over the next couple of days on my photo blog, so keep an eye out for that.

Oh and I have a secret… shall I share it with you?

Even though I love planes, I have never flown in my life before. I mean in my whole almost 29 years of being on this earth. It is something that I’ll have to remedy.

So there you have it… I thought  that I would just share my thoughts with you today.

Have a good evening.




9 thoughts on “The BIG news for the week!

    • Hmmm…. if the SANDF can afford them. 😉 A lot of the planes being flown are privately owned ones… or that’s what the website said when I last checked.

      The silver falcons are my favourite! They always have the crowd on the edge of their seats. Those and the jets of course. Nothing like the sound that those make. 🙂

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