Just add us to the statistics….

The crime statistics that is… Here is my story of what happened this morning, 13 September 2012.

Since my Mom retired in January, we have had to go sign for her retirement UIF in the Pretoria CBD. Now, the PTA CBD is not the nicest place on earth. There are too many people, pushing and shoving their way around, the traffic is hectic and pedestrians do not always look where they are going. Anyways, this morning was one of those mornings that she had to go sign for her monthly UIF payment. She has to go in physically to sign, so that no corruption can take place and then she has to state that is still retired and does not have a job. Normally, when we go, we have to sit in a very long line because let’s face it; we have a high unemployment rate in this country, but that is a post for another day.

After she signed, we were walking back to the car. Now, when we walk there especially, she hooks her arm into mine, because the paving is broken at some parts and uneven, and to make sure she doesn’t fall, she holds onto me. As we were approaching the traffic light, two youngsters walked towards us, I told my Mom to move my way, as it looked like they were going to bump her, but before my words were out, the one elbowed her in the chest, and grabbed her gold chain (which was under her blouse I might add) ripped it off her neck and ran off. I swear he ran faster than Usain Bolt!

My Mom has a pendent on the chain (that she got when she was 14-years-old), and with the chain being ripped from her neck, her pendent fell to the ground. The second guy bent down to pick it up, and while he was bending, my Mom pushed him and he almost toppled over. He then kicked the pendent away (to most probably come back for it later) and ran away too.

In all the commotion, I started swearing, asking them what the fuck they were doing. (Yes, my language is VERY colourful), but I couldn’t do more than that, cause I was worried about my Mom and checking if she was okay. I couldn’t run after them, because as fate would have it, I had my flip flops on, and who knew what weapons they had with them? By the time the second one ran away, I was searching for the pendent, because I know how sentimental it is. I found it, gleaming in the sunshine. At least they didn’t get away with that. However, they did create a very traumatic experience for a 65-year-old lady.

By then end of it, all the car guards were with us, asking if she was okay. We crossed the road and found my car. I got my Mom who was shaking by now in it. One of the owners at a hair salon watched it all unfold. He felt so sorry for my Mom and was so kind to her. I think everyone in the street was shocked.

Anyways, we went straight to Pretoria Central Police Station to make a case, for insurance purposes. It was there that the constable, who was taking our statement, told us that there are CCTV cameras all over town and that the investigating officer would view that. I just hope the camera caught everything and was not recording in another direction, although I doubt that they will find them.

I took my Mom home after that, and come back to work, because of deadlines. I called both my brothers and Rugby Man will go check up on her a little later, and our helper is there at least, so she is not alone. Mrs Biker Man is at home today and said she would ride out to our house a little later and keep my mom company.

Like my Mom says, at least it was only her gold chain and not her handbag or more importantly, her life.

Anyways, that’s what happened to me this morning, just need to get this off my chest, and where better than my blog.

Have a great Thorsday. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Just add us to the statistics….

  1. It makes one’s blood boil. How I wish I had been there with my handy little tazer. Your friends would have had a shocking experience even worse than the one they gave.

    • At that point in time, I wish I had a skok stok too! Anyways, they are long gone, and it is only a gold chain, rather the chain than our lives.

    • Thanks Asian, I am happy that they didn’t hurt us, however, the ‘trauma’ of it is going to be difficult to work through for both my mom and I.

    • Thanks Bibz, however, I doubt it… they are long gone by now, and if they do get what they deserve, I’ll never know about it. Have a good weekend. 🙂

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