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Morning everyone 🙂

What a morning…

Left for work at the normal time, turned down one of our neighbouring streets, noticed that all the traffic was going past me and was wondering why. I carried on driving and got to the bend in the road, only to be met by the following site: One of my favourite trees in the street fell over. Being me, I had to take photos of the event, so see the photo below. Obviously this was because of the weather.

This must of happened last night between 17:00 to this morning, cause it was still standing when I went past it at 17:00. Anyways, I am just thankful that I don’t own the bakkie or live across the road from where it fell. I am also thankful that no injuries could of happened, well I hope no injuries were reported.

Back to my original post… The Paralympic commentators read out another one of my tweets.

This time I said: “@Views_from_Kat: @Paralympic: I am going to have withdrawal symptoms when this ends, but my neighbours will be happy, no late night shouting at the TV! :-)”

I commented on the fact that once the Paralympics end, I’ll be a bit lost again.

Btw, did you see where we are on the medals table? Check it out 🙂 We are 20th. I think it is so awesome.

I said the other day that I am thankful for my health and yet so humbled seeing people beating the odds through their circumstances, because these Paralympians have achieved a lot!

I was so sad for the Brazilian, Johansson Nascimento, he was running a T46 100m final and he tore a hamstring. He got up and walked to the finish line in tears. His time: 1’30”79. See the photos below. It was so sad and yet he can be proud that he finished the race! Btw, he is the same man who after running and winning his gold medal, he pulled a paper out from behind his bib and on the paper he proposed to his girlfriend. She said yes apparently! Such a lovely way to propose.

Anyways, it is Friday Fantasy and I haven’t forgotten about that :). Once again, I’ll be focussing on the Paralympians… And here they are, in all their glory, the SA relay team. They won their race on Wednesday evening and set up a new World Record while doing it 🙂 Here are the awesome foursome. 🙂

That’s my news and views from the week… Have a lovely weekend everyone.

*Please note, all the Paralympics photos I found on Google Images, they do not belong to me. Also, please click on the images to view them in full size.


4 thoughts on “My news and views

  1. ‘Raindrops keep falling on my head’ I’ve heard of. ‘Treetops keep falling on my head’ is a new variant.
    So you are now a world-famous sports common potato? 🙂

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