I need some help…

with a tattoo.

My brothers (Rugby and Biker Man) are both Bikers and they have their own Tattoo Artist who has his own studio. Anyways, when there are enough ‘customers’ he comes out to the President of the Biker Club’s house (which is next to Biker Man’s house) and they have a braai and they get tattoos done. I hope this makes sense to my readers. 🙂

Well, about three months ago, I was supposed to go for my next tattoo. But, it was short notice, because we had something planned on the day that he was going to be there. I had to postpone.

About two months ago, Rugby Man was bragging on BBM with his new tattoo. Apparently, Mr Tattoo Artist rocked up and my brother was one of the lucky ones to get his next one done.

Yesterday, we had a braai at Biker Man’s house, which was tons of fun, when the they said that Mr Tattoo Artist would be there on Saturday and if I want I can have mine tattoo done. *Add in my squeal of joy here!*

However, now the question comes in, which one of my next tattoos do I want to have done?




I am two minds about it… I want both, but can only have one done… I was thinking maybe the Claddagh on my left arm? But then I think, maybe the Shamrock on the back of my neck? See, there is symbolism in them both for me.

I know the Claddagh’s hands look like Mickey Mouse hands, however, Mr Tattoo Artist can fix that they say. He is really artistic. I have seen his work. I have to make up my mind pretty quickly.

Btw, Rugby Man said he would sit this one out, but Biker Man is having his sleeve finished.

Any comments would be appreciated at this time. 🙂

Have a good Monday everyone.


10 thoughts on “I need some help…

  1. it really depends on which if the 2 have more personal significance at the moment.
    Personally, i think i would go with the Shamrock.
    Hope this helps 🙂

    • My friend has one it is such a lovely ring… and hopefully one day when I decide to settle down I’d like to receive a ring like that as a wedding ring. 🙂

      • I googled the claddagh wedding rings and saw a lovely silver/white gold and diamond one. Stunning! I would kill to have it myself.

    • Hmmm, that’s an idea clever lady!

      Although I have been thinking I’ll get the Claddagh done, because I already have a Shamrock in one of my other tattoos. 🙂 Knowing me, I’ll change my mind like ten times till then.

      • Hahaha! I know the feeling! I’ve been uhmming and ahhing about the MM tat for years …so glad it’s booked and paid for, else I’d still deciding what and where 🙂

        Don’t forget to post pics on the results of whatever you decide!

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