Okay, so I did something…

I found a site…

A site that I saw on the Women 24 website while I was bored the other day. Now, me and bored is a very dangerous mix. You can ask my friends and they will tell you it is true. I have done silly things while bored and online. The one stint was to join a dating site a few years back, but I won’t bore you with those details.

The site that I found does  free online tarot readings.

Now, I have always been interested in all kinds of things, astrology, tarot, etc. Anyways, so I did a free reading. I followed the instructions, I firstly shuffled the cards, then chose six cards, and my results were in front of me….

I have been doing a tarot reading everyday, and yes, sometimes I can relate and other times not. But I found yesterday’s reading interesting and thought I’d share it with you.

Here goes…

Card 1 (The Emperor): How you feel about yourself now

You feel that success and achievement are on their way to you. A man of significance will provide his support, perhaps your father, husband/partner or boss – whoever it is, he will give you steady support. You feel confident and able to influence people and events, as you have a great sense of your own authority. Expect promotion at work or achieving greater status in life. If you have been a victim of ill will be assured that you will win in the end.


Card 2 (The Magician): What you most want at this moment

What you most want is a new love in your life, and when The Magician appears, a new love affair or perhaps a rekindled affair is at hand. All things new are possible, the result is up to you – its all dependent on just how much you want it.


Card 3 (The Chariot): Your fears

The word failure isn’t in your vocabulary. You are worried things are more of a struggle than you expected, with more delays and frustrations. Things aren’t going to plan at all, just chill out, calm that mind of yours and you’ll find the strength to battle on until you succeed. This is a period of movement and change and conflicts ending in victory.


Card 4 (Strength): What is going for you

Brave heart! Your self-confidence and courageous spirit is unstoppable at the moment. Be patient and compassionate, self-disciplined and strong and you will reap great rewards for your courage.


Card 5 (The Hanged Man): What is going against you

You are allowing yourself to be victimised and emotionally blackmailed by others or you’re playing the martyr or victim to try and manipulate others. Don’t be too materialistic or try and hang onto someone or something for all the wrong reasons. Someone or something has to go, you must find the ability to let go and give this up – don’t worry it will turn out for the better for you.


Card 6 (The Tower): Outcome

A period of dramatic change and upheaval, however this period of change will herald a new beginning. It is time to re-evaluate – sometimes, as difficult as the disappointment has been to take, change can create new possibilities you never dreamed of. There could be problems relating to your property, or if considering a new property or move, progress will be thwarted.


So, there we have it… interesting I think… I’m not saying I totally believe in this, but there are things which I find interesting. What do you think about tarot readings and astrology? Does it tickle your fancy? Do you believe in it?

Have a good Friday. 🙂

PS Any suggestions for FANTASY FRIDAY?


4 thoughts on “Okay, so I did something…

  1. I have a deck of Tarot cards, and I often do readings for myself and friends. I also do Angel readings. So do I believe in it??? Absolutely!

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