The end of a chapter…

Monday was a very difficult day. See, the funeral service of our family friend took place in the same church as my Dad. The coffin was exactly the same as my Dad’s. It took me right back to the day, when my Mom and I and our family were sitting in the first few benches of the church.  Yes, there were a lot of similarities, except the fact that my Father was cremated and our friend was buried. I admit, I was emotional and that seemed to worry my Mom. I told her after that it just hit close to home. Yesterday she (my Mom) even told my brother, Rugby Man how emotional I was about it and he said to her, of course it would be emotional for me, our family friend was like an uncle to me and that’s why I saw so many similarities.

Anyway, don’t you think it is sad how funerals always bring people together in the saddest of circumstances? Especially when you see people who you haven’t seen in a long time.

After the service you won’t believe how man how many people I saw that I knew. People who knew my Mom and knew me when I was small. I had so many people say what a lovely woman I have turned out to be. We had conversations about our families and theirs. I even had an odd experience. I saw a lady who I last saw when I was seven year’s old at my brother’s (Rugby Man’s) wedding. She asked if I am married yet, and when I said no, she said there is a still lot of time. She only got married at 37 and had her first child at 40. See, so there is lots of time to still settle down one day… however, is it only me or do other single people out there get annoyed with questions like this? LOL!

Anyways, back to my tale of Monday… Off to the cemetery we went in a rush. I admit I had to race a little as we were late because of all the chatting to our friends at the church. We got there in time, as the metro cops who were leading the procession, were leaving.

Now, the last time we were at the cemetery was when they put the updated tombstone on my grandparents’ Oupa and Ouma L’s (my Mom’s parents) grave four years ago. My Gran (Ouma L) was cremated, but they placed her ashes with my grandfather (Oupa L). I had to pass my grandparent’s grave to get to our friends. The whole grave side ceremony took place. The ashes to ashes, dust to dust part, and that was very emotional. I luckily never had to go through the placing of the coffin in the ground part with my Dad or Ouma L.

After that, once again, we met up with people who we didn’t see the church. The bereaved family, the boys and girls I grew up with, family friends. I even saw one of my friends who I last saw when I was 16. He approached me and as it turns out, we have been in close proximity to one another and we didn’t even know. His younger brother and my nephews are friends. Small world isn’t it?

Monday was a sad and yet joyous occasion all rolled into one. It was as if people didn’t want to leave. And looking back at it now, that is how our friend would have wanted it. He would have been glad that he brought everyone together. And like I said before… we’ll see them all one day. So it isn’t goodbye, it’s see you later. 🙂

Anyways, I thought I’d just share this, a recap of what happened, and what I was feeling. Please make sure to visit tomorrow, I have some VERY big plans. *Wink wink*

Have a good day.


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