And so it is…

Morning all,

*yawn* sorry about opening up with a yawn this morning. But I stayed up last night to watch the Closing Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games. Once again the following photos do not belong to me. I found them on the official site .

The Olympic Torch and the handover to Rio

The Phoenix and the Flames just before it was put out.

Yes, who would have thought, that me of all people, would have done that? But I did and I enjoyed it… I mean, we got to see the SPICE GIRLS (okay, so I felt like I was 12 again singing along on the top of my voice) and Russell Brand! I must admit, having Liam Gallagher singing Wonderwall was great too, not to mention all the other artists that were up and about. Although I wasn’t fond of the idea that Jesse J was singing “We will Rock you” with Queen. Really? They could have found someone else couldn’t they?

Spice Girls in action

The funny man… Mr Brand himself.

I do think that 2016 in Rio is going to be awesome. All the colours and dancers and the whole feel of carnival?

The carnival starts

My brothers (Rugby Man and Biker Man) said at lunch yesterday, that they think they should save to go to Rio. LOL! I know why. 😉 Its to see all the pretty ladies and the volleyball teams. Haha. I said I’d join, only if they let me go watch the swimming. I didn’t get an answer on that comment. *rolls eyes*

Anyways, today is deadline day by me, well, partial deadline day, which means that I have to stay awake.
Enjoy your Monday.


17 thoughts on “And so it is…

    • Oh, well it is a pleasure Harmony, always glad to help. Btw, good thing you didn’t follow me on twitter then, cause that’s where I bombarded everyone. lol!

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