The weekend that was… some random thoughts about it.

So, when I tend to make plans for a weekend, it never happens. But that’s why life is unexpected and that’s what makes life fun. I’ll tell you more a bit later in the post.

But firstly, did anyone see Oscar Pistorius run on Sunday night? I was so proud of him! Such a great achievement for him and it just shows, if you put your mind to it, you can do anything! (Please note, these photos are not my own. You can find the photos at the following website)

Oscars starting the 400m heat

Oscar running in the 400m semi’s.

Oscar Pistorius exchanging bibs with the winner of the semi final.

And not to forget Usain Bolt! It was magical! The fastest men alive running for Olympic glory. I am so proud that I got to witness it all.

Starting the 100m men’s final

100m Final Finish

King of the 100m

Last night, I watched the diving and let me say, those dudes are good… I enjoyed watching. I just don’t know what I’ll do when the Olympics are over. *sigh*

Last week I mentioned that I would be finishing my room off and I’d go to the movies to watch Brave. However, the complete opposite happened. I didn’t get to do any of those things. Instead, I took my mom to the shops, we had breakfast at the Wimpy, we got home and then Biker Man, Mrs Biker Man and Miss Cutie Pie came over for a Braai on Saturday afternoon. Rugby Man had to work at a function at the pub (I need to still share Harmony’s Melktertjies recipe with him). Anyways, it was a nice afternoon, and instead of going to watch Brave, Miss Cutie Pie and I watched Tangled and Ice Age 1 and 2.

About a week ago, I suggested to my Mom that we take Miss Cutie Pie off of her mom and dad’s (Biker Man and Mrs Biker Man) hands for a bit, so that they can have alone time before Noodle makes her appearance in September. We were going to pick Miss Cuite Pie up after church, go for lunch at Wimpy (it is the only restaurant she sits still in) and then go home, walk the dog, etc. That didn’t happen either. Well, we did pick her up, however, halfway to the Mall, Miss Cutie Pie fell asleep. We got KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) instead and went home. Later the afternoon when she woke up she was terribly moody, however, perked up and we watched Dumbo and you guessed it, Tangled again. We did all the other things, like play and walk the dog and run to the potty three times, cause guess who is potty training.

When she left the evening, we (Mom and I) were pretty tired, and to think, in two months’ time, there will be two of them! I must admit, I’m worried that I’ll get all broody, I think I’ve mentioned this before.

Okay, so that was a random update of my weekend. Maybe I’ll go watch Brave on Thursday? Maybe this time I’ll get it right? LOL!

Have a good Tuesday everyone.


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