Feeling proudly South African this morning

Morning everyone!

Hope you are all well this morning. 🙂 I am feeling truly proud to be a South African citizen this morning.

Anyone who watched the swimming last night would know why.


Chad le Clos

First it was CAMERON VAN DER BURGH who had us smiling from ear-to-ear and now CHAD LE CLOS!. 🙂

Cameron van der Burgh

Cameron van der Burgh

Oh my word, he had us at the end of our seats! I was shouting so loud I swear I woke the neighbours up (They choose not to have a TV in the house, but that is a post for another day). Anyways, Congrats to him on his GOLD medal! I loved the shocked expression on his face.

Chad le Clos


PS Check it out, we are 10th on the medal table. 😀

The medal standings. We are 10th on the list.

PS all the above photos can be found on the official website of the Olympics.

Have a great day!

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