Hello from me and my smart phone :)

I am on my way to OR Tambo and I am in the Avis point-to-point combi with my fellow co-workers for our monthly meeting with our editorial committee, and I thought I’d take a bit of a time out from the conversation and do a post for today. I am blogging from my BB and the WordPress app. Which is very user-friendly 🙂

So much has happened of late… where do I start?

Last week I mentioned that I started a whole spring cleaning process in my room. Well I bought an extra bookcase (for all my books) and I built it myself, thanks to the instructions and the cordless screwdriver. I then decided to go buy myself an office desk as well, and guess what? I built that too. Now I have enough space for my books, and I have a ‘mini’ office setup in my room too. Why the mini office you might ask… well I have decided that I would like to do my master’s degree next year and if I do that, I’ll have to have space to work.

While in the whole phase of cleaning etc, I then decided to redecorate my whole room. New bedding, new curtains, etc. However, the curtains I bought are too long, so I have to go change them first before I can put them up, and I can hear you asking, what is the new colour scheme… well it is all colours really, however, the main colour that comes through is purple. Yes, you read right, purple.

So, once my curtains are up and the bedding is on and everything is in  its place, I’ll post some photos.

Last night, while watching the Olympic swimming, I decided to pack my DVDs right. I think I have mentioned it before, but seriously, I need to stop buying movies too. At the moment I am on 264 movies, and that’s counting the box sets in as one disc. Oh well… Movies, books, bags and stationary seem to be my downfall.

Wifey only has 34 working days left, before she goes on maternity leave. She is excited about that I think. I admit, I am worried that when baby comes I’ll become all mushy. It wasn’t that bad with Cutie Pie, but with Noodle it might be a different story.

Has anyone been watching the Olympics? Oh wow! I am watching every night. I’ve been watching the swimming mostly and gymnastics. I can’t wait for the athletics to start.

Anyways, so this is just a random update from me… I hope you all have a great day.


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