My absence…

Good afternoon all,

Oh wow! Where has the time flown? I do apologise for my absence from the blogs. It was not intended. I have just not been well.

Remember last time I told you all about the blood tests the Doctor wanted me to do? Well, I did them and everything was good.

UNTIL, last Monday at work, I got ill. The pain in my abdomen was unbearable.  I called my GP and made an appointment for 14:30 and I did the work that I had to get done. I couldn’t take the pain anymore and while sitting in my office I was hot and cold at the same time. I broke out into a sweat and I honestly thought that I’d die of pain in my office of all places. At 12:25, I decided to give up. My work was done and I walked bent over out of my office. I got to the reception area and one look from our IT guy (yes, the same one I wanted to kill before) and he grabbed my bags and walked me to the car. He asked if he shouldn’t drive me home and I said I would be fine.


I couldn’t turn the steering wheel because of the pain, however, I did and I was barely out of the gate when I started being very nauseous and I started heaving.  You all don’t need to know what happened in my poor car, I’m sure you can use your imagination especially if you were a student once upon a time who had too much to drink and puked in your friend’s car. Let’s just say my car will never be the same again. Anyways, on the way home I managed to call my mom and ask her to get the neighbour and ask the neighbour lady to drive me to the doctor.

When I got home, I couldn’t get out of the car. The pain was excruciating. Eventually, I got out and had to shower before I got to the Doctor.  I got into the neighbours car with a packet in hand (just in case) and we set off to the Doctor. Btw, my doctor’s offices are in a mall, and I had to walk myself through lunch hour rush to get to her office.  I swear I felt 100-years-old. Anyways, thank goodness my Mom was with me, holding me up, because I don’t know how I would have made it.

Anyways, we eventually got to the Doctor, who seemed shocked to see me in the state that I was in. She immediately put me on a drip and there I was for the next four hours getting all doped up. She booked me off till the Wednesday, and the Thursday when I got back to work, most people (who I in a million years thought wouldn’t of really cared) knew I had been ill and they were worried.

Anyways, my GP had a copy of the blood test results that I had to have done for the specialist. It showed that my liver enzymes were high. However, that couldn’t have caused the pain I had.  So, I had to wait till Friday to see the specialist. But that is a post for another day.

I just thought I’d share and just inform everyone I’m still alive and kicking and I’ll catch up with everyone’s blogs in due time. J

Have a good afternoon.


6 thoughts on “My absence…

  1. I hope you feel better soon! had a similar experience a couple of months ago – gall stones at the end of the day.

    • Hi Lulluc, if only it was, but I had my gallbladder and the stones removed in 2009. The Doctors are eliminating the causes of the pain with the tests and I’m sure they’ll find out soon. 🙂

      PS Thanks for the visit.

    • Hi Hedgie,

      I am feeling much better thanks. 🙂 Nothing better than focussing on the positive in life, makes one feel better immediately.

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