Random happenings in my life

It is Friday, finally!

This week has been a weird week; I have been in Friday mode since Tuesday. *insert funny look here*

I feel tired. I feel sore all over. I am going for blood tests tomorrow morning. The gastroenterologist wants to test my liver. The first test is an alcohol test. I don’t think he trusts me when I say I don’t drink. Can you believe it?  Anyways, if he only knew I am not big on alcohol at all. But something must be wrong with me, because I’ve had pain attacks three times this week. They seem to be increasing. Maybe it is stress as well?

Work has been hectic. We are on deadlines again and once again, which means, no rest for the wicked.  I have taken to making lists. To do lists, because I am afraid I might miss important things.

It was the CEO’s birthday during the week and as a gift to us, he said we could leave an hour earlier today. I thought that was very nice of him. However, because we are on deadline, it might not even happen.

I was weighed in at gym this week and guess what… I have lost 1,2 kilograms and I have lost a good amount of centimetres as well. This is the first time since I joined that I could do a proper weigh in, because I was so ill after I started. Anyways, I am so chuffed with myself and I am going to try to go from three times a week, to four. I know it is only a small amount, however, to me, it is a start. 🙂

Oh and today is 13 July 2012…. A Friday. Which means the dreaded Friday the 13th. LOL! I do hope yours is a good one though.

I am off to a meeting. Have a good weekend everyone.


12 thoughts on “Random happenings in my life

  1. Hope the blood tests at least show something *fingers crossed*
    I didn’t even realise that it was Friday the 13th! Thanks for the reminder 😛

    • Will see about that… I only see the specialist next Friday, so we will find out then what it shows.
      Pleasure, at least I’m useful as a reminder lady. 😉
      Happy weekend Asian.

  2. I have been ready Friday since I woke on Monday – I never really have weekends anymore.
    I am too busy to notice that it is Friday the 13th,
    and I hope you get to leave an hour early today!

    • So far, it looks good, but I’ll wait till 15:05 before I jump up and down for joy. Happy weekend Deluded. 🙂

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