I am mad and disgusted!

There I said it…

You might be asking why, and I will refer you to the following news story.

On November 21 2011 Connor and his ex-girlfriend Malinda Marshall were found guilty of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

They abused their son Michael, leaving him brain damaged, blind, and immobile. He had to be fed with a tube and was later diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

The abuse started when he was 3-months old. He died aged 6. The two were 18 years old when they had him.”


They were 18 when they had him. So because they were young when they had him it gave them the right to hurt him? Did the grandparents not pick up on what was happening? How do you hurt a baby of 3 months? How do you hurt a child so bad that you leave him brain damaged, blind and immobile?  If they didn’t want him in the beginning shouldn’t they have given him up for adoption?

I know these are questions that cannot be answered by the general public, and only by the two who were found guilty of the abuse.

The worst is that I saw the ‘mother’ (I’m putting this in inverted commas, cause she isn’t worthy of being called a mother) on TV last night, and based on looks alone, she looks vicious. I just wonder what she would do if someone started beating her like that. She would most probably fight back.

So, then I have to ask, why did she hurt her own child so badly? A baby/child who couldn’t protect himself?

Marshall’s lawyer argued her client had remarried and had had two more children. She was also 3 months pregnant with a third.”

WHAT THE F**K? She has more children and is pregnant with a third? I say take the children away. No questions asked. She was found guilty in a court of law and needs to serve a sentence for that.

“Connor’s lawyer said his client was now married, and had matured. He said Connor was young at the time of the abuse inflicted on Michael.”

Don’t even get me started on this pathetic excuse for a man. There is no excuse for abuse! EVER! What is his attorney trying to say? That because he was 18 when they had the child, he couldn’t handle it? PLEASE. He shouldn’t of being doing grown up things in the first place if he couldn’t handle the consequences. And now that he is matured it wouldn’t happen again? Pffft!

I just hope the presiding judge makes the right decision with regard to the sentencing in this case, because, people who have abused once, might do it again. And this couple need to pay for what they did to their own child no matter what excuses they give. The law should protect children who cannot look after themselves.

So, this is the story that got my blood boiling. You are welcome to comment and leave your thoughts on the matter.





PS The sentencing has been adjourned till next Friday.



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