The story of my hair (part 2)

So, where were we? Oh yes, I started high school… and was in the phase of growing my hair. By the end of standard 9 or grade 11 as we now know it, it was shoulder length (mainly because when I got fed up with the growing part, I’d cut it). We were on our way to Cape Town for the December holiday and I wanted my Mom to put highlights in. We sat down to do it, we put the cap on my head and this is where the screw up came in. We didn’t realise there were no holes in the cap, so my mom eventually got the hair through the cap  and we did it.

However, once my hair was rinsed… it was completely blonde *cringe* by the time I went back to school, everyone knew me with blonde hair and we kept it that way thanks to Nice ’n Easy. This was the holiday in Cape Town that everyone teased me saying I had some coloured blood in me. LOL! Not that I minded them saying that at all.

My matric dance came up and my hair wasn’t long enough for a style, so my Mom bought me a wiglet that you could pin to your hair. That time not many people knew about it and I had instant long hair. Awesome.:)

By varsity, I went back to my natural colour and my hair was back to being short and curly. It was awesome wash and wear hair.

When I started working, I decided to grow my hair. I went through some horrible hair days… but I got there. Just till the other day, my hair had been long. Hanging halfway down my back again. See, I wanted it as long as Victoria’s was in the second Twilight movie (see photo below). And I was getting there however, I started getting headaches. I wasn’t used to the heaviness of my hair.


About a month or two ago, I decided a change would be good, so I cut it into layers. It looked nice and everyone complemented me. However, I think the time has come for another change. I’ll be going at lunchtime to have my hair cut. This time, short again and in layers. Something like Juliette Binoche had in the movie Chocolat (see photo below).


Here’s hoping it turns out well. Have a good weekend my lovelies.


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