Guess who I saw…

at lunchtime in Brooklyn mall, with his wife. He is serious eye-candy and the fact that he is the captain for my rugby team, just is more awesome!

Yes, you are seeing right…. I saw Pierre Spies. šŸ™‚


I went to the mall quickly to go look for a new gym pants when I decided to go to Woolies and go pick up some things for the house. As I came up the escalator, there Pierre and his wife were sitting drinking smoothies at Boost Juice. So cool. Of course they didn’t make eye contact with anyone, however, I did a double take. Cause I thought I had seen wrong. But, I didn’t… I’d know that jaw anywhere.

So, I went off to Woolies and on the way back to theĀ entranceĀ where I parked, they walked past me hand in hand. Still not making eye contact. However, one thing I did notice is how tall and broad the oke is. I wouldn’t want to come up against him on the rugby field!

Anyways, I’m not the kind of person to approach celebrities when they are out and about. Why? Well I feel they deserve their privacy too. However, at an event is a whole other story, cause that’s their “job”. But that’s a blog post all on its own.

I just thought I’d share my celeb moment and excitement with you.

Have a good day.


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