Today is…

Since the move to the new platform, I’ve been going through all my blog posts. Firstly, to sort them out, add tags, create categories for my posts. After a good couple of hours, I did it. I am proud to say my blog has been sorted. Every post, one for one, has been tagged and bagged.

250 posts have been cleared to 108. I still have all the other posts, however, now in a ‘book’ format, which I plan to keep. Who knows, maybe one day someone might be interested in reading it?

Anyways, so you might be asking why the big ‘clean-up’?.  Well to day is my blogaversary. See the picture below for the explanation.


One year ago today I started blogging, and what a whirlwind it has been! My first post was a post of new beginnings, being less cynical about life and love… don’t know if I really have succeeded, however, I do know that I have felt at home here. I made friends and I was given the chance to have a look at the happenings in your lives. I thank you all for that. Now, as I carry on blogging I only hope to grow more and more.  To learn more about myself and eventually to become less cynical about it all. 🙂

So grab a glass and let’s make a toast….

May you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live.


PS. In honour of my blogaversary, I’ve decided to change my blog a little… I hope you all like the new look. 🙂


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