They did what???

After reading Ricari’s post this morning, I thought I’d share my experience. Ricari’s Dad was admitted for low blood sugar and my Mom stuggled terribly with high blood sugar this past weekend.

On Thursday morning, my mom calls me to work in a frantic voice. She has diabetes, type II mellitus and has had it for approximate 25 years. Even though she has it, she has really looked after herself and drinks her medication at the exact times everyday.

“Scarlet, my sugar is 16.4. No wonder I’ve been feeling so terrible. It has never been over 7.”

When you test your sugar levels, between 5 and 7 is normal. 15 is high and by 24 you could be in a coma… depending on what your history is.

Anyways, on Friday she phone a *big* pharmacy at the mall, to get her next month’s tablets. It is then that she realises, they didn’t give her, her normal medicine. Last month, they gave her a green bottle filled with round tablets, however, the label said Diamicron 30mg. She thought it was a generic and drank them not questioning the pharmacist. Hey, neither did I. Cause you trust them right?

Anyways, Friday morning she drinks her meds like she normally does and by 11 am she calls again. Her sugar is 17. I was nervous… cause when someones sugar goes too low,  you can put sugar under their tongue to bring it up and rush them to hospital, but if its too high you have to get them to the hospital to be put on insulin to bring it down. Either way, it isn’t a nice thing to go through.

So lunchtime I went to buy her some paw-paw to try and bring the sugar down. On Friday night we came to the conclusion that the *big* pharmacy at the mall gave her the wrong sugar tablets because she phoned them and asked them about it. The pharmacist who she spoke to said they had a lot of her medication, however, they said to bring in the tablets when she picked her new ones up.

On Saturday morning, she had her medication again, and off we went to the pharmacy. When we get there we explain the situation to the lady behind the counter, who is visibly shocked. She goes to the pharmacist who signed off on the medicine to check. They don’t even know what tablets they gave my Mom. But he gives her a full pack of Diamicron as payment back for the wrong tablets.

WTF? Seriously? No apologies, no sorry I could have killed you?

Instead of standing on my hind legs and fighting I wanted to get my mom home, cause she was feeling faint. When she did test her sugar again it was 16.9

It was then that I realised, they kept the bottle with the label on and the left over tablets. I didn’t take any photos or anything. I was so very stupid, cause there could be long time effects with whatever the tablets were. *sigh* My friend yesterday said, it was because it was too close to home. That’s why I didn’t ask for the tablets back.

My Mom has been very woozy the whole weekend, sleeping all the time, but after the right mediciation, she seems to be returning to her normal self. This morning before I left for work, her sugar was 7.7. Which means her medication is working fine now.

Just a word of warning to everyone, please becareful what the pharmacist gives you. Always check that it is the right medication. I know that that’s what I’ll be doing from now on.

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