Baby names for girls…

So, we are getting a new addition to the family…. and before anyone says anything. The kid isn’t mine!

My brother, Biker Man and Wifey found out that they are having a little girl…. however, now the choosing of the name starts. Which in their defense is very difficult.

Wifey said Michelle. However, the people in my family haven’t had good dealings with Michelle’s so she has scrapped that name. Then Nicole, I like Nicole, however, it is too close to her mother’s real name and the step mom won’t like it.

Yesterday when I saw her, she said my brother wants the name Kim. She wants Teagan or Kiera.

However, they are still open to options.

If she suggests something to my brother and he doesn’t like it then he ignores her and she has started doing the same to him. LOL! Tit for tat.

Anyways, names out of the running are: Michelle, Nicole, Megan, Gabriella, Josephine, Shannon, Isabella, Emily, Jane, Olivia, Rose, Erin, Mary and the list that continues is really long.

So, I’m putting this out there… do you have any suggestions I can throw their way??


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