It is very inconsiderate if you ask me….

Last night I went to visit a friend who went in on Monday for a complete Hysterectomy. My friend is 42 and has two little girls, and was satisfied that she would be going for the operation. She has been having a bit of trouble with periods and pain and such, so it was the best long time solution for her.

Anyways, so off we (my Mom and I) go to the hospital. Now, I know a lot of my mom’s friends who went through this, but was maybe too young to understand the actual impact this has on one’s life, but now that I am at an age where I get what its all about I found the following very inconsiderate.

We get to the ward and it turns out to be the maternity ward. A very strict ward with strict visiting hours. So I ask the lady at the door if I can go see my friend as we were a little early. No was the answer, which is okay. No problem. I understand that… but while I was sitting waiting for the doors to open I was thinking why do they put the Hysterctomy patients with the new mothers? Isn’t that a little inconsiderate? Or is it just me? Just because it is the gynaecological ward?

In an alternate universe, let’s say it was me going for the same op. I am 28 and have never had children and I have to have an Hysterecomy. I get to the hospital and they put me in the materinty ward just cause that’s where all the gynaecological patients/cases have to go. I think that’s very inconsiderate to my feelings, cause I’d never be able to have children and then you put me in the ward with happy familys welcoming their new additions. If it was me going through that, I wouldn’t want to be near babies at all.

My friend has had two children and when I asked her she said it didn’t really bother her being in that ward. But yet it seems to bother me. I don’t know why but it does, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. What about the women who thought they’d have another child?

Anyways, I’ll be going back to that ward in October, when Wifey gives birth to Noodle. Can’t wait to meet the new little person in our family. Although I admit, babies are pretty to look at, but I like them from a year onwards, when they can interact with me. lol.

I thought I would just share my experience with you.


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