Jacaranda Day at Loftus

On Saturday, we (my Mom and I) decided to embrace the Afrikaans side of ourselves and went to Jacaranda Day on Loftus Versveld. See below, a panoramic view of the stadium.

The cool part of the whole outing was that my Mom could go in for free as she is over 65. She even proudly showed her ID to the chickie at the gate.

The whole day started at 12:00 midday and ended at 23:00 the night. The line consisted of mainly Afrikaans singers (not that I like them all) but these that I do like, I enjoyed tremendously.

The ones who I liked were:

  • Jay – the pretty boy.
  • Bobby van Jaarsveld cause he is a real pretty boy although I don’t like the way he sings.
  • Bok van Blerk *swoon*sigh* I think I love him.
  • Theuns Jordaan only because he sang Beautiful in Beaufort Wes.
  • Dr Victor and the Rasta Rebels cause we learn valuable lessons from them like if you want to be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife.
  • And last but not the least Steve Hofmeyr. Yes, I can already see you all shaking your heads, but Stevie is cool.

However, Kurt Darren and Prime Circle sang after Steve, but by then we were long gone cause we were beat! Singing and dancing and watching people can be a very tiring job! I do love Prime Circle, but I could also see my Mom was tired.

Anyways, there was this one chick Riana Nel who was singing. Not bad until she screwed up one of my favourite songs completely. The song was “The first cut is the deepest” and she re-started it twice cause the chords weren’t right and then she had to tune her guitar. Not good. Don’t you have to check that before you go on stage? So, I bbmed my brother and told him about it and he said that I should throw her with an orange cause I’m on Loftus. LOL!

There was a 12-year-old boy in a wheel chair from one of the local schools. He sang that famous song by other little girl. Justine Bieber. But this little guy did it ten times better than that Bieber child.

Anyways, I had a jol. They sold candy floss and hello kitty ear muffs which I did not buy. The beer garden was packed and the rugby on the big screen was awesome.

I had an uncle and his wife sitting behind us who were really cool. When the Soap Girls went up to sing he said they were too thin. LOL! I like him for that comment! I do think that the outing cost him a pretty packet though, cause his daughter was there with her friends and even though she had pocket money he gave and gave. And he stayed there till Steve sang just for his wife. He admitted that he didn’t really want to be there. Poor guy. Amazing what you will do for your loved ones.

So all in all it was an awesome day spent with my Mom.

Enjoy your Tuesday afternoon.


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