What a cheek!

I decided on Friday, because I had a quiet moment at the office, I’d log into Facebook and load up some of my holiday photos. I didn’t load too many but I did load one of my favourite ones from uShaka Marine World. It is of 4 dolphins jumping out of the water at the same time.

On Friday night I am browsing when I see my one “friend” downloaded my photo and loaded it on her profile as a mobile upload.

*Jaw hits floor*

My photo nogal.

What did she think? That I wasn’t going to see it?

So I commented that I loved my own pic, seems like she did too. She answered yes. I replied that I did need acknowledgement and royalties. And she answered, she’d make sure it is in my bank account.

Seriously? WTF?

I am still mad at what she did. How many other pics hasn’t she taken and passed off as her own? Yes, I do take the odd beautiful photo, I’ve had the training, and I love sharing, but if that’s what’s going to happen I won’t share anything anymore. Anyways, I have decided to watermark all my photos. Like I’ve done below. Cause I’m not taking another chance of people actually “stealing” my work. Yes, it is time consuming… but hey that’s fine, as long as my photos are safe.

Here is the photo:

Hope you are having a good Monday.


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