I have been quiet… very quiet….

mainly because I am on a Photoshop course….

I was supposed to be there till one… but Eishkom hit and the back up generator did die… so they sent us home… well in my case back to work.

I must admit, according to the trainer I’m bright… YAY me.

With a little practise I’ll be a fantastic photo editor soon, I’m sure.

Btw, thank you to everyone who help with the facebook and linked in, in my Module 3 assignment. I got a whopping 85% again!

So, another gold star for me?


The next assignment involves Twitter… NOT my favourite medium, but I might need some help with that too… so please don’t go anywhere.

I’m off to read everyone’s blog now. Have a great day further.


P.S. Ryan did go watch Breaking Dawn. Although he made me swear I wouldn’t tell and then he blurted it out on his blog…. and just for the record, I didn’t force him to watch but I’m sure he wanted to earn some brownie points. Which he did. So good on you Ryan.


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