Once again your help is needed

Hi all,

Once again your help is needed.

I’m busy with the assignment for my third module on my course.

This section deals with FACEBOOK & Linked-In.

So, Facebook is kinda easy… or so I thought… The assignment is to set up a profile, group and page. I have to write a note on my page and get fans…

So I have a profile… even if it isn’t a business one… I honestly, don’t have the energy to set up a business one at the moment. I blame the end of the year on this.

I’ve created a page… I now need people to ‘like’ it… Can I ask you to please go like it? Please click on the link: Movie News and Views – I’ve linked it to my blog that I created previously. I’ll only update it once or twice, and I won’t become a nuisance and add you as a friend and what not. I’m not the stalker type.

So, the group page, I’ll do something with my photography… hopefully my friends won’t mind me using their pics. lol

I need a little help with Linked-In too… *sigh* The assignment says I have to make 10 connections… Well, not many of my friends are on Linked-In… so if possible and you do have a Linked-In profile, can I add you as a connection just till the lecturer has marked my assignment?

Please pm me if you want to participate in helping me pass especially with the Linked-In part.

Thanks to everyone who is willing to help out on this.

Have an awesome Monday.

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