Who’d have known?

So I’ve mentioned before how my Brother, Rugby Man and I feel about music….

Well, on Sunday morning, I didn’t hear my phone ring, when I see there is a voicemail. I dial 121 and all of a sudden Rugby Man’s voice comes over the speaker.

“Yoh, I can’t belive you are still sleeping. Huh? What’s going on? Call me Scarlet I want to hear something by you.”

So I call him… and guess what he wants to know where I download my songs from, cause he has a new song of the week.

Later the day, I BBM him, asking him if he got it. He answers no, but his son, my nephew will get the song for him. Being the curious person I am… I asked him which one it is.

5 O’clock from T-Pain. So with a little bit of help from me, I sent him the link. Where would he be without me? LOL!

Anyways, it would seem T-Pain took Lily Allen’s song and mushed it into his own, just like Eminem did with Dido.

You can view/listen to it on YouTube.

Btw, I unfortunately have to link the YouTube clips from my phone, so I hope the links are right.

Anyways, that’s what I’ve been singing all day, and I thought I’d just share.

Oh and happy Tasty Tuesday.

PS Thank you to everyone who commented on my Social Media Course Blog. Here are the results


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